Sputnik missions

by Garrett Johnson


Laika was the first living thing in space. she was a Russian dog that was sent to space so the Russians could claim space. When she took off something went wrong. She died of panic and heat. She died 5 hours after launch.

Sputnik 1

Sputnik 1 was the first satellite in space orbit. It was designed by the soviet Russians and measured 23 in. in diameter. It was a spherical metal ball that had radio transmitters So the could get sounds across the world. It was launched on October 4 1957 and burned up on January 4 1958 while falling from orbit.
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Sputnik 2

Sputnik 2 carried a satellite and a dog named Laika. It launched on November 3 1957. Shortly after take off Laika's heart rate spiked. It was at 4 b/s. She had a panic attack and died 5 hours later.
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There you have it. Now you learned something about sputnik missions.


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