Come to Cuzco!!

It is the capital of our Inca society!!!

Cuzco is a great place to live!!!

Cuzco is a great place to live. We have llamas and alpacas, so alPACKa your bags and come to Cuzco! Our city is in the mountains, so it is very hard for invaders to get here. Even if you have friends in other cities, our chasquis can send them messages for you! If you've seen the Emperor's New Groove, you don't need to worry, because Yzma is no longer in our empire. Also, the potion collection that changed Cuzco into a llama has been destroyed*! If you want to go to one of the other city states, our roads can take you right there.
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In order to come into our city, you must agree to our terms and agreement first.

AlPACKa your bags and come to Cuzco!

Come to Cuzco! Kronk Approves!!!

It's better than living in a lake! *cough*Aztecs*cough*