Princi-Val notes

Week of February 8-12, 2016

What's happening this week?

GRADE-LEVEL MEETINGS...Please use this time to collaborate together for the upcoming week. Let's get creative. Work on adding some new technology for the week; use a "flocabulary" video; find a video clip using "zaption"; or maybe incorporate a "podcast". Please make sure that notes are sent to me from your meeting with your plan on how to incorporate something new and engaging.

Tuesday, Feb. 9th: Boys Basketball @ 5:30 vs. Liberty Christian (@ Anderson)

Thursday Feb. 11th: Boys Basketball @ 5:30 vs. Valley Grove (@ Anderson)

Rita Pierson--This three minute video is worth your time.

Not only will you be shaking your head, but you will laugh out loud at her witty remarks.
Rita Pierson: School Starts at 8