The oregon trail

By Kayla

Jumping off

When they went on the Oregon trail the imagrents could not bring a lot of there stuff.


They tried oxen and mules to try pull the covered wagon.

River crossing was very stressful with all of there stuff that is why they left it behind.

My Tough Way Though The Oregon Trail

Dear diary,

This is my first day on the Oregon trail, I am fighting with the weather it is very hot and dry. mom says its only for a few month's, it will be a better life. if it's a better life why can't I bring my thing's. I am very tired and I I have been walking for over 3 hours mom says we will form a circle soon and eat dinner,and get buffalo chips and get some rest for the next day. I hardly ate dinner and went to get buffalo chip's after I was done I went strait to bed in a tent while mom mended clothes in the train with dad. Mom is pregnant and was going to have it after we got to Oregon my little brother got sick but he is still functioning. i hope he is better soon. Okay diary I need to rest. That night I got the sickness from my brother and died.

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