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October 15, 2021

Dear Wasco Families,

Coming Soon: School Classroom Party

We are looking forward to our Fall Celebration at the end of the month and plans are underway! On October 29th students may choose to bring a costume to school, “crazy” clothes, a hat, Wasco or team spirit wear. Teachers will provide time in the afternoon for students to change into their costumes. Please do not send any costumes with a face covering, weapons, or depicting violence, as they will not be allowed.

We are hoping the weather cooperates so we can have an outdoor parade, and families are invited to watch. We have provided a map of the viewing area below. Details of our program for the afternoon are also below. As a reminder, there will be no eating during our parties this year. It's a good idea to have your child practice putting on their own costume.

October 29th Schedule:

Parade from 2:00pm-2:20pm *weather permitting, parents/famly invited to watch outside

Classroom Parties 2:20pm-3:00pm

Kind Regards,

Principal Brennan

Contact Us:

Principal phone number: 331-228-6294

Email: stephanie.brennan@d303.org

Main office phone: 331-228-2900

Wasco PTO October News: Fall Fest Information

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Important Upcoming Dates

October 15 Picture Retakes and Fall Fest 5:00pm-7:00pm at Wasco

October 29 Costume Parade from 2:00pm-2:20pm

Early Release Dates- Grades K through 5

October 27

December 1

January 26

February 23

March 23

April 27

Release will be at 2:10 p.m.

Student Support Interventionist Amy Corda

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You may have heard that we have a (relatively) new position in our elementary schools, but do you know what it is?

The Student Support Interventionist role was developed in part, to provide ongoing support for school-wide positive behavior and provide classroom teachers with structures, strategies and interventions that promote a positive learning environment.

Has your child come home talking about the school-wide “Paws”itive Behavior Reinforcement system that we have put into place at Wasco? It is a system that allows classrooms to earn paw prints for positive behavior throughout their school day. Classrooms that are able to demonstrate the Wasco Expectations of BE SAFE, BE KIND, WORK HARD AND DO THE RIGHT THING, are able to earn a paw print in various spaces across our building such as in PE, Art, Music, Empower, LRC, the lunchroom and even in the hallways. At the end of the week, the paw prints are collected from each classroom and they are all placed in a bucket for a drawing.

The winning classroom earns a special treat that they get to choose from a menu of fun items. So far we have had a class earn a Dance Party, and another earned Games with the Principal. The students have been so excited to receive these paw prints and they are working hard to demonstrate the skills that we value as Wasco Wolves. We are definitely seeing “Paws”itive changes across our school!

***Parent tip: One way that you can help us to reinforce the Wasco Expectations at home is to ask your child each day to share one way that they were “Safe, Kind, Worked Hard or Did the Right Thing?” that day.

If you have any questions regarding the “Paws”itive Reinforcement system or would like to speak with me more about how we are working to create a positive learning environment at Wasco, I can be reached at Amy.Corda@d303.org or at 331-228-2188. Thank you for your ongoing support!

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Empower Needs Your Help!

Miss Green, our fantastic Empower Teacher, is on the search for the following materials to help with upcoming modules this year:

  • Board games, board game pieces/parts.

  • Cardboard of any type large or small including paper towel and toilet paper tubes.

  • Toys: legos, building toys, science kits, K’Nex, tinker toys, broken toys, figures, etc.

  • Large Wooden craft sticks

  • Duct Tape (plain and patterned), electrical tape, masking tape, painters tape

  • Wires, pipe cleaners/chenille sticks, wikki stix

  • New Batteries (all sizes)

  • Household items: Disposable plates, foil, wax paper, coffee filters, toothpicks, straws

  • Packaging materials such as bubble wrap

  • Craft items: popsicle sticks, paint sticks, buttons, beads, yarn, origami and craft paper

  • Any Green items: gloves, straws, string, yarn, cups, (for use with our green screen)

  • Plastic Bags: Gallon size, quart size, sandwich size

Please have your child bring all tube donations directly to the office. We appreciate your help!

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Let's Get To Know...

Dawn Eberhardt

5th Grade Teacher

In which other teacher’s class would you like to enroll, even for a day? Why?

Mrs. Eberhardt: All of the students at Wasco have wonderful teachers! I would appreciate the chance to learn from ANY of these great people, but if I could ONLY pick one classroom to be in it would be Mrs. Hartmann. She is incredibly dedicated and works extremely hard to make her students feel special. The classroom is a busy and caring space where learning and kindness matter. All that AND she’s super fashionable!

If you could pass on any wisdom to your students, what would you share?

Mrs. Eberhardt: Our Wasco expectations (be safe, be kind, work hard, and do the right thing) pretty much cover the most important things to remember, but my dad always said, “Attitude determines altitude!” I want my students to know that a positive attitude makes all the difference. If you think you can, you will! We also talk about how to ‘fail forward’. We all face challenges, but what we learn from them helps move us forward. My last bit of advice is to READ, READ, READ! This is the BEST way to grow your brain. Books take us on adventures!

What would the students be surprised to find out about you?

Mrs. Eberhardt: Many people know this, but some don’t. I actually was a Wasco Wolf from kindergarten through fifth grade! I can remember the school before several renovations. For example, the special education suite used to be the main office. I even remember when the current LRC was the gym! Even though the school looks different, it feels the same. It feels like a close, connected, happy community of students, staff, and families.

Community News

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Previous News and Helpful Links

Weather changes and Masks

As we enter into some possibly cooler weather, students should come to school prepared to spend time outdoors. Students are typically outside for recess breaks, PE four times a week, and can be outdoors for classroom activities. We appreciate your attention to the forecast and providing your child with clothing choices to adjust to cooler temperatures is appreciated. Also, as the weather gets cooler, it is helpful to send extra masks in case a change is necessary due to condensation. The D303 mask guidelines are provided below for your reference and can also be found at the link below.

D303 Guidance on Face Coverings

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Quarantine Information

We hope it doesn’t happen to your family, but we do want to share the D303 Quarantine Information page for your review. If you have questions about the procedure, or if we can help your family, please contact the Wasco Health office or Principal Brennan.
Band and Orchestra Dates & Times

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Arrival and Dismissal

You can use the map link above to identify your child’s entrance and exit door. Upon arrival, students should enter the building through their designated door, where they will be greeted by a staff member. At the end of the day, students exit through the same door and proceed to a designated area sorted by their transportation home. Our students who ride the bus line up with a peer and staff bus monitor. Students who are picked up by car stand on the front sidewalk and wait for their ride to arrive. This is the same pattern we used last year. We appreciate it when you extend cooperation and consideration for others in our school community. The kids learn from all of us and we are a team working together to help children build lifelong skills and positive community habits.

Car drop off Procedures

Reminder: When dropping off your child from your vehicle, please do not exit your car. If you need to help your child exit the vehicle, please park in the lot and walk your child to the sidewalk.

St. Charles Public Library

Did you know, ALL D303 students may receive a student loan card to checkout and access books from the St. Charles Public Library?

Click on the button below for more details on how to get one for your student!

Arrival Map For Students

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Food Services - Lunch Menu - Organic Life

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Home Access Center (HAC)

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Click this link to access Wasco's Parent Guide

This guide contains helpful information about school procedures such as communication practices, electronic device policy, lost and found, and many more topics.

Community Unit School District 303 Calendar

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Wasco School Supply List 21-22

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