Iceberg Right Ahead

By: Stephanie Sammartino McPherson

The Titanic was a national tragedy. The Titanic sank on April 10th, 1912, 50 years ago today. Thousands died on this ship, and the way the public viewed cruise liners changed forever. Although most people think all has been uncovered about this tragedy, it is an incredible mystery that is still being unfolded to this day. It sailed from Southampton England, and collided into an iceberg around 1000 miles off the coast of New York, in the Atlantic ocean. One passenger recalled that it crashed at 2:00 am, and sank in exactly 20 minutes, going under at 2:20 am. There were 2,223 total passengers on the titanic, and 1,517 of them did not survive.


Rusticle- an underwater rust formation that occurs when oxygen interacts with wrought iron

Debris- ruins, or remains from something that has been destroyed

Submerged- Descending below the surface of water

Steerage- the part of a ship providing the cheapest accommodations for passengers

Gangway- a raised platform providing a passage

titanic sinking simulation - original version by clctitanic

Ben Middleton, April 10th, 1962