Happy July

This is the opportunity you've been waiting for....

The 2nd half of the year

This is your opportunity to look back at the first half and re-direct the course of the last half of the year.

If you set resolutions, you may find they didn't last past February. Are you ready now, to set the intention and take the steps to follow through to go through the finish line?

We had race horses when I was a kid, watching those magnificent animals train was intense, we had a beautiful horse named Teckfa (spelling may be off) she could run and would take the lead all the way, until she hit the finish line and she'd stop. The trainer didn't think he needed to take her through the finish line during training because she always held the lead. But come race day, she'd hit the finish and go to her knees. It wasn't her ability, it was her mindset. Early training can do this to us all.

Remember Secretariat, wow what a horse, and what a movie they made about big Red. I encourage you to look at the movie, when you are feeling down and not able to feel like you can do the job you set your intention to do. It's one of my inspirations, I get right back to the feeling of exhilaration and triumph as I did as a kid at the track when one of our horses hit the finish line in first place.

If you can't find the time to watch the movie, watch this 3 minute clip, gain your inspiration.


Remember he wasn't the favorite choice in the beginning before he was born. But someone had faith in him, believed in him and his team was unstoppable. Never before or since has there been a horse like him. Will that be you? Only you can decide.


Diffuser Blends of the month

doTERRA classes

Wednesday, July 10th, 6:15-8pm

333 North Curry Street

Carson City, NV

Thursday July 18th same time and place

Wednesday July 26th same time and same place

Monday July 29th - business basics training on dynamic compression comp plan

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


We are a growing tribe of like minded light bearers. Like the light we shine to empower others in their daily habits and wellness goals. Will you join the movement today?

Experience the Gala and walk through confetti carpet

Do you have a dream - a dream that seems larger than life and more than you thought possible? When our dreams are larger than ourselves, it keeps us heading toward it....when we have a focus that transcends time, that reminds us with every turn we have more to do, more people to reach and more lives to empower.

I have that dream, it's more than the impact I may leave behind when I go, it's more than the imprint I leave on a soul, it's a mission to empower people with the tools to find the solutions for their friends and families and circle of their influence.

Who will join me in revolutionizing our health care system as we know it, by bringing about the Prime Meridian Clinics to our areas? It's not as daunting as you may imagine. It just takes intention, consistent effort and talking to everyone we meet.

Special prizes for those who are in! Email me today.