JS Jenks Middle School Academy

Why You Or Your Child Should Attend


Located on 8301 Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jenks is a public school in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia.


The middle school curriculum consist of challenging but understandable lesson plans. Our curriculum has allowed our middle school PSSA scores to rise above average as of the 2013/2014 school year and improve with every year. We were also featured as school of the week in the Philadelphia Tribune during the month of April. This was because of our outstanding high school preparation tactics.

Classes & Class Sizes

John Story Jenks middle school has a student population of about 200. There are two classes for each subject as well as programs for life skills, and gifted and learning support. Each class has 25-32 students and there are two teachers for each subject. Twice the support!


All students are required to wear a uniform that consists of a white polo shirt and khaki pants for kindergarten through 5th grade and middle school students wear a white Oxford shirt with Bel Air Plaid skirts or navy blue pants.

Gym Uniforms: Blue shirt, navy blue pants, and mostly dark colored shoes.

Online Resources

  1. my.hrw.com (8th grade textbook)
  2. (7th & 6th grade textbook) available through schoolnet
  3. www.mrhilburtsclass.com (additional information)

John Story Jenks

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