The Last Week in 2B

Our Journey Ends

Going out with applause!

What a way to finish the school year! Thursday's performance by the children for the Grandparents was amazing!! They were creative and showed strong acting skills as well as showcasing their beautiful voices. Each child came dressed in their characters finest! From Neil Armstrong and his astronaut suit to Maria Tallchief and her beautiful ballerina costume, they became their character for our stage performance and the live museum that followed. I was greatly impressed with their presentation boards and they thoroughly enjoyed sharing their projects with their classmates on Friday. For those who were unable to present their projects on Friday, we will have time for you to share on Monday. As the year comes to a close I want to thank you allowing me the opportunity to be a part of your child's educational journey for the past several months. I know when I arrived in February it took them by surprise, but they are resilient children who rose to the occasion and have made me feel welcome in Mrs. Tuttle's classroom each and every day. I will miss the hugs hello and goodbye each day and their smiling faces as they come and go but I know that I might be able to sneak a quick hug if I catch them in the hall next year. Thank you for your continued support in our joint effort to make your remarkable children....remarkable!

Reminders ......

Just a few things to remember this week...

Tuesday, May 28th will be the final Vendor's Market and will be for the entire second grade together in the gym. Wednesday, May 29th will be our Second Grade Picnic. Please send a sack lunch without glass bottles with your child. We will have fun activities during the afternoon. We will have break the dress code all week long. The attire does not have to be Hornet spirit attire. Any appropriate clothing is acceptable. We will also have noon dismissal on Thursday and Friday of this week. There is no aftercare available on those days. We have a fun week planned as we tie up the school year!