Cultural Geography Final Exam- Natural Resources

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Claim on Natural Resources

No natural resources means no life. Someday, natural resources will be gone forever. Humans are not saving them to help the planet. Some natural resources are sand, water, oil/gas, etc.. Without gas or oil, cars will not be able to be driven, machines will not work without the electricity. Also, without water, humans can not survive and water will be gone someday. So, without natural resources, everyone will die. If something is not done to conserve natural resources, everyone will eventually die and there will be no more life. This is a serious issue and its in our hands to save the Earth.

Unit 1: Geography and globalization influence where, how, and why people live where they do.

Natural resources strongly affect where, how and why people live where they do. Maybe, a guy that's moving likes to ski so he wants to live by mountains so, he wouldn't pick a place where there are high climates and no snow to ski. Other natural resources that could affect a persons choice of where they are going to live is the ocean, rivers, fish, mountains, trees, etc.. Depending on the place people live, lives are different in different places. Some people may be fishing at a lake while others are skiing. Globalization also affect where, how and why people live where they do. In some places, oil may be to a limit while other places there is a lot of oil shipped there. So, globalization and the natural resources shipped to different places affect different people and how, where, and why they live like they do. Without natural resources, people wouldn't be able to do the things they want to. Like fish, swim in the ocean or rivers and even drink water. Natural resources need to be conserved.

Unit 2: Humans migrate, create cultural mosaics, and balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among social groups.

Human migration could be based off of natural resources. They could migrate to places where you can swim in the ocean rather than the middle of the country where there are no beaches. People also create cultural mosaics based on natural resources. A tradition of a family could be to go fishing every month. Or their future could be working with natural resources. Like the video watched in class called Sand Wars. Workers were taking and exporting sand to other places that need it. But, someday there will be not enough sand to export or just use. Sand will run out someday and so will all the other natural resources. Lastly, people have to balance the forces of conflict and cooperation among social groups. People could be fighting over natural resources. Even countries and fights with your siblings may occur because of natural resources. And you could cooperate to make decisions about natural resources. Major wars have been fought over oil too. An example is Sudan and South Sudan fighting about oil and who has control over it and who gets the oil at what cost. Also, at home fights may be occurring on who gets the last water bottle. Or, people may cooperate on what they will do with the water or other natural resource. Human migration, cultural mosaic, and cooperation/conflict would all be affected by natural resources negatively.

Unit 3: Exploitation and competition over natural resources and interactions between major belief systems may create conflict.

There are limited natural resources. One day, natural resources are going to be completely vanished.This is why there is competition between countries to get the most natural resources. An example is that Egypt cut off the natural gas flow to Israel. Then there were scores of attacks on the pipelines carrying the gas across the Negev Desert to Israel. Exploitation occurs because countries want their natural resources so that they can work from that and it will benefit them. As people and countries have competition over natural resources, one day they will also be gone. Along with all the competition being gone, humans will also be gone.

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Unit 4: People are part of groups that gain and lose power over time creating differing individual rights and varying degrees of freedoms.

These groups can gain and lose power by natural resources. One country could have all the oil and more of the power to not give them any. For example, the China Sea neighbors are fighting for more natural resources. The people that own those natural resources have more power than them because it is theirs and they can do what they want with it. Or, the owner of the natural resources could give them some which could ultimately give them more power depending on what they use the natural resource for. But, countries are fighting over natural resources while they are also being diminished. They should be trying to save our natural resources that we have instead of wasting them. If this is not dealt with, then our natural resources will be very hard to get because of no one conserving them and day to day life would be very hard to impossible without much natural resources. But, if it is dealt with day to day with the conservation of natural resources will be just fine although eventually one day they will all be gone. For now, conserving them that one day they will be gone will be even farther than we thought. The solution to this could start with me by recycling, reusing things and reducing the amount of natural resources I use and passing this problem on to others so they are informed and know how to save our natural resources.