Northeast Region

By: Zach Finch


States that is in this region is Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey.
The physical features around the north east is the great lakes and the Atlantic ocean also there is a unique mix of soil in the and trees in less populated areas, there is also steep hills that challenge the farmers.
The climate is long cold winter and short mild summers


This region was the first to start making factories with lumber and water, they made a water wheel that was powered by the currents, that converted water power into machine power.

With the factories producing in 1840's about 80,000 people came to the USA looking for jobs and freedom all of these people traveled through Ellis Island and is registered checked. By the 1850's 308,000 people immigrated to the USA for jobs from Europe.


The northeast is low on minerals and resources except for coal in Pennsylvania, but the water access has allowed a center of trade and industries. Major industries including exports are fishing, textile.

In New York the unemployment rate 6.8% the employment rate is 2.2%. ( closer to 0 is the best)


Historic Sites:

Boston- African Meeting House, Boston Light, Bunker Hill Monument

Philadelphia- Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross House, Declaration House


New York-Ellis Island Museum, Museum at FIT

Professional Teams- New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Steelers


In the 2010 census 55,317,240 people bring it to 300 people per mile. Many people that come to the north east is Italian and European.