Weekly Update

April 24, 2015

Next Week

It looks like a REGULAR week!

Dolphin Dash: Saturday May 2

Ocean Organism Report & Project Due May 8

Collecting: permission slips & fee for the June 8 AMF Bowling field trip (I am putting chaperone names in the hat...let me know if you would like yours added!)

Collecting: 5th Grade Recognition (pink form) & money

Benchmarks, the Ocean, No More Dead Dogs and Math

This week, your student took their math and reading benchmark tests. Please look in the Tuesday folder for their score and any strands they need to focus on as they use the SOL review websites.

Students worked in groups to create a display of the ocean floor- take a look at the pictures at the bottom and see if you can identify the different structures. We are now learning about plant and animal life at different levels of the ocean as well as currents and tides. Students had the opportunity in class to research their ocean organism and record information. If they need to use World Book from home to complete research, the link is: http://worldbook.com and the login is: csehcps, the password is library. The report and project are due by May 8. Students have the project requirements, grading rubric and research note page. I would very much like for the kids to make their "puffy"/3D organism out of as many recyclables as possible; I told the kids we want to save money and the environment!

We finished our read-aloud, No More Dead Dogs. Lead up to the ending of the book was quite exciting, and there was some fun discussion on how satisfying the very last chapter of the book was- the kids were in two camps on this one! We will have time for one more fun/modeled read-aloud!

Math 5: Measures of Central Tendency...Mean, Median, Mode and Range

Next week. the kids will calculate data and read/construct a stem and leaf graph to show data.

Math 6: This week students found the volume & surface area of 3D shapes using formulas and will continue with geometry/measurement next week.