Japanese 1 - Lesson 13

Week of 12/7 - 12/11

Collaborate with Sensei on your EOC Project!

I am hosting a live session on Blackboard Collaborate on Wednesday from 7:30PM - 8:30PM! During this time you will be able to bring questions and get assistance on your end of course project. If you still have a lot left to do on your EOC project, I strongly recommend coming to this session for help!

Your score on the entire EOC project will have a huge impact on your final grade. There is still time to work on your project and earn a good score if you take the initiative to work on your project and help yourself by attending this help session. Turning in a good End of Course project gives your grade a major upward boost. Not submitting an End of Course Project or an incomplete one will hurt your overall grade.

For those of you with Wednesday night coaching: If your coaching sessions ends at 7:45, I suggest coming right after coaching ends. if your coaching session begins at 8, you can leave the live session early to attend your coaching session.

To attend this session, simply go to the Your Coach link and click the link that will allow you to enter Sarah Boutin's Collaborate Classroom instead of clicking the one you normally click for your coach. (It's down at the very bottom so you have to scroll down a bit.)

Submit ALL Missing Assignments ASAP

We are approaching the end of Japanese 1!

To view your missing assignments:
Open the Japanese 1 course in BlackBoard and click on the My Grades tab (on the left hand navigational toolbar) and see if you have any assignments marked with a 0 or no submission. If you see any, make a note of what you're missing and submit it today. If you are missing several, submit as many as you can today and plan to have the rest submitted by the end of this week to avoid late points!
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NCVPS offers a FREE peer tutoring center for all students of Japanese 1 to receive some extra help or practice with the course material. Click the button above to access it and log in with your NCVPS ID and password.

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Key Upcoming Course Dates:

12/15: Complete Linguafolio Project Due

12/17: Entire End of Course Project Due

12/21 - 1/1: NCVPS Winter Break (No Class)

1/4: Final Exam Opens

1/7: Last Day to Submit Final Exam

1/8: Last day of class/last day to submit assignments from Lessons 8 - 13


What's Due This Week?

The assignments listed below are deliverable items to be submitted by the end of the day they are due.

Monday: All outstanding items from prior lessons. (Did you submit Module 4 Linguafolio yet? Do this today if you have not.)

Tuesday: Lesson 13 Writing Assignment

Wednesday: Lesson 13 Cultural Discussion Post and 2 Response Posts

Thursday: Lesson 13 Speaking Assignment

Friday: Lesson 13 Quiz

Remember to attend BOTH of your scheduled language coaching sessions this week. If you need to make up any missed coaching sessions please do so this week. You can make up a missed coaching session any time Japanese 1 coaching is offered.

Work on your End of Course Project every day! You can submit your End of Course Project before the 12/17 due date!

Linguafolio Samurai Warriors

All students listed below have submitted their Module 4 Linguafolio assignment:

Tiffany N., Mason R., John M., Matthew S., Selena J., Anna W., Hannah G., Hannah E., Gemmaury E., Olivia W., Emily B., Taije J., Sarah M., Kyle M., Ashley Z, Daniel J., Humphrey D., Russell B., Amaya A., Kaisia T., Brittany H., Abigail N.


Rock on! がんばってください!

End of Course Projects

Modules 1- 4 Linguafolio assignments should already be submitted! Remember to make your final Linguafolio submission on or before Tuesday, December 15th.

It's important to make steady progress on this assignment as it is a large part of your grade and should not be left until the last minute. A good grade on the EOC project is crucial to success in Japanese 1. Keep working consistently on your project and you will do well!

There are two parts of the EOC Project. Part 1 is a power point presentation where you will use course material to talk about yourself in Japanese. This consists of 16 slides. This week you will learn everything you need to learn to complete all 16 slides.

Part 2 is a Japan Travel Brochure in English. You can complete this at any time.

Remember that you will have to site your sources for this project. Details are listed on the assignment page, but if you need help with this part of the assignment, please contact me. Now is the time to ask questions!

The link to the End of Course Projects instructions is in blackboard on the left hand navigational toolbar under the End of Course Projects link. If you have any questions on this project or need help, please get in touch with me today!


Extending Invitations!

The holiday season is here!! I love this time of year because it's a great time to hang out and relax and do fun activities with friends and family.

We can learn how to invite people to do things in Japanese using verb endings like ~ませんか, ~ましょう and ~ましょうか Let’s look at how these work:

~ませんか is used to ask “won’t you…(do something)?” So to ask someone “Won’t you go to the movies?” you can use this:

えいが に いきませんか。

If we take か out of this sentence, we’d have えいが に いきません。 It would mean “I won’t go to the movies.” The ~ませんか ending without か is simply the PRESENT/FUTURE NEGATIVE tense. So by asking a question using ~ませんか we’re asking “won’t you (do something)” in the future.

~ましょう is used to say “Let’s… (do something.) Unlike ~ませんか and ~ましょうか which are used to *ask* people if they’d do things, using ~ましょう is more like making a request, suggestion or command.

So if someone says: すし を たべましょう。 they’re saying "Let’s eat sushi.” No one is really asking a question here, they’re simply suggesting/requesting to eat sushi with them.

Finally, ~しましょうか can be used to say “Shall we… (do something.)” If someone says: テレビゲーム を しましょうか。 they’re saying “Shall we play video games?” So here we’re back to asking someone to do something.

Boutin Sensei's Tips for Success

Looking to improve your grade in Japanese 1, or keep your grade high? Here are some tips for success in Japanese 1:

  • Log in and read your announcements daily. Announcements are posted daily with important information on which assignments are due each day and supplemental instructional material to help you with your assignments. Log in every day during the school week and read your announcements

  • Attend at least 2 language coaching sessions each week. Language coaching attendance and active participation accounts for 20% of your grade. You are required to attend at least 2 language coaching sessions each week. If you miss a session, you are expected to make it up. You can make up missed sessions any time Japanese 1 coaching is offered with any coach. The schedule is posted under the My Coach tab in Blackboard.

  • Submit assignments on their due date. Assignments should be submitted on the day they are due. I recommend printing out a copy of the Due Date Calendar and posting it somewhere you see it each day.

  • Spend at least 90 minutes each day during the school week on Japanese. NCVPS expects that students will spend an average of 90 minutes each day doing something related to the class. Invest the time you need to invest into the course by attending coaching, studying grammar, vocabulary and hiragana and completing your assigned work.

  • Submit any missing assignments. If you have not submitted any assignments from lessons 8 -12, please go back and submit them this week for a grade. 0s really hurt your grade!

  • Ask questions if you do not understand something or need help. I am available to answer your questions! See the contact info below for ways to reach out to me if you need help. Your coach can also help explain your lesson material or clarify things related to assignments. The Peer Tutoring Center is also a great FREE resource for any student seeking extra help or extra practice with Japanese.

Contact Boutin Sensei

Monday Office Hours: 5 - 9PM

I am around for help with EOC projects!!

I can be reached through any of the contacts below. During the school week I respond to all messages within 24 hours, often much sooner.