All About Nadi

What You Need To Know

The Basic Things You NEED To Know About Me

I am a VERY active girl. I like to play a lot of sports like: soccer, football, dance, and track. I like to read ALOT. I love to play instruments like the guitar, piano, clarinet, saxophone, and the flute. I also love to sing and write my own music/songs.

Things I Can't Stand

I HATE it when people make fun of or take advantage of others. It's so uncalled for. It makes me sick to know people would harm you (physically and/or mentally) without a backwards glance. Bullying is REAL, and it IS a problem that needs to be fixed.

How I Act

I will treat people how they want to be treated, as long as they treat me how I want to be treated. I am such a softie, BUT there are things I will NOT accept when others cross a serious line. I love to make new friends, and am usually glad to help others if they need it. I really am a people person. I automatically hang out with more guys than girls, but that doesn&apos;t mean I have something against All females... Just the awful ones. I love to joke around alot, but I do know when to be serious. I can be VERY sarcastic when I feel the need to, or when I feel as though I'm being cornered. I am very good at hiding when I'm sad... People would never know if I didn't tell them I was upset. I'm usually bubbly and LOUD...VERY LOUD.... I rarely ever get mad, so someone would have to do something really bad/mean to make me mad... Again, I'm still a bubbly girl!!! <3 XOXO



Talk To Me Whenever

Cause guess what.... I'm NEVER lonely!!!