Nova Scotia

Should They Join Confederation?

Nova Scotia Should NOT Join Confederation

Nova Scotia should not join confederation.

Why? Well, for these very reasons:

Nova Scotia was the second smallest province, and thought they wouldn't be given much consideration or choice in Confederation. With a small population, they wouldn't have enough power anyway. Nova Scotia traded well with the U.S, Britain, and West Indies, while on the other hand, they weren't very close to Canada West and Canada East and didn't trade much with them. Nova Scotia was already maturing fast, and was doing fine on its own. They didn't want Confederation to halt their development. Nova Scotia was already well defended from attacks thanks to their tall fortress, and the people were already making a good living. Also, majority of the people of Nova Scotia did not want to join Confederation, 65% to be precise. Nova Scotia already planned to join the Maritime Union, and didn't have any crucial problems, therefore did not need Confederation.


Those were the reasons why Nova Scotia did not want to join Confederation. Nova Scotia was a strong and progressing colony, and did not think they needed Confederation. So the conclusion of this summary; Nova Scotia will not join Confederation!

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