The Duck And The Deer

by Collin Alexander

A very Thirsty deer who had been traveling through the woods for days and could no longer go any further lied down to rest. The deer was exhausted after all of his hard work and needed something to drink. A small duck who saw the deer the deer and felt sorry for him came up to him and asked him what was wrong. The deer replied, I'm thirsty but am too tired to move". "I know a nearby lake. I will get you some water there." said the duck. So the duck went into his little house and got a cup. He then filled it with water and came back. The deer was waiting patiently. The thirsty deer drank all of the water and with that he felt the strength to get back up. The next day a hungry bear saw the duck and started to sneak up behind him when the duck wasn't looking. When the deer saw this he knew what he had to do. The deer warned the duck of the danger just before it would have been too late The duck had just enough time to fly away from the bear.