Candy Dispenser

(Christopher Bates. Travis Glenn)Engineering Design Process

Define the Problem

We must build a new mini candy dispenser for a company's 50th anniversary.


1. Must be durable.

2. Must not exceed 24”x24”x24”.

3. Must have 4 or more parts.

4. Must have 2 types of candy. You decide the candy.

5. Candy cannot exceed ½” for all measurements.

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The Not so Epic Dual Candy Dispenser

Triangles: 6" x 4.5"

Knobs: 3" tall, 5" wide

Holes: Diagonal length 4.25" Tall 5"

Base: 7" x 9"

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Lightning McCandy

Left Lightning: 12"

Right Lightning: 10.5"

Hole: 5"x4"

Handle: Inner Diameter= 2.5" Outside Diameter= 5"

Supporters: 15" Longer ones, short ones 10"

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The Epic Dual Candy Machine

Globe: Diameter-12"

Divider: 12.5"

Base: 6" x 4"

Top of globe: 2" x 6"

Arrow: 2" x 3"

Crank: 3" x 1"

Hole: 2.5" x 1.75"

Face: 5" x 3.5"

Pugh Chart (1-5)

Must hold two different types of candy
  1. Epic Dual: 4
  2. Not so Epic: 4
  3. Lightning McCandy: 3

Must have stability:

  1. Epic Dual: 4
  2. Not so Epic: 3
  3. Lightning McCandy: 2

Appeals to the eyes:

  1. Epic Dual: 3
  2. Not so Epic: 2
  3. Lightning McCandy: 4

Cheap to Build:

  1. Epic Dual: 5
  2. Not so Epic: 4
  3. Lightning McCandy: 3
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Test and Evaluate


  1. There is a slight possibility that we could have been more original with our design.
  2. The color match up could be a slight bit easier to the eyes.
  3. Increase the capacity of candy that the dome can have in order to get the most bang for the buck.
  4. Add some more cosmetics, to spice out machines up.


We would probably make the access to the candy easier to receive. We don't really have anything to let the candy flow out smoothly from the bottom of the dome, so we would probably make some changes around the dome in order to make sure that all of the candy needing to be dispensed will flow smoother and more sufficiently.