Whitewater Rafting in Georgia

Stay Safe on the River During Whitewater Rafting in Georgia

Find How to Stay Safe on the River During Whitewater Rafting in Georgia get guidlines

Whitewater Rafting in Georgia can be great fun, but it can also be quite risky if certain things are not done effectively. Your safety is not something you want to skimp on when you are on the water.

There are a number of raft companies operating around the world that send customers on trips without following necessary safety measures. So, you do not get trapped, look at this list below giving a few tips on how to stay safe on the river.


Ensure that the company you are using have the safe equipment. Ask what kind of raft they will be using. The more recent self-bailing kind of rafts is better for whitewater. Ask if you can see their paddles, plastic ones are better than older wooden ones. Check that the quality of the lifejackets, even if you are an expert swimmer, when you are in a rapid you will need something to hold you up. You will also want a top quality helmet. Ensure that they have a throw-line on their raft, this is a long piece of rope in a bag they can throw to get you back in the raft. And even enquire about the small things like whistles, etc as sometimes it is these smaller items that can save lives.

Safety talks

Before you hit the water, your guide should go through a safety briefing with your group. They should tell you the commands you can expect to hear on the raft and what to do. They should also reveal to you what to do if you come out of the raft, show you how to get saved and teach you how to help each other. You will also want to know what to do if your raft flips.

Safety kayakers

You would be surprised how many companies do not make it their policy to have safety kayakers on their trips, but they are important for your safety. Preferably you want one kayaker per raft. If you are out of the raft, the kayakers are able to get to you and help more quickly than the raft can. They can also paddle forward and check out the upcoming rapids to allow your guide to select the best line to take down the river. You would be crazy to go on a trip without a safety kayaker. Please make sure this is one query you do ask.

Your Guide

Your guide is a vital tool you have on the river, so you want to make sure that they are properly qualified. And qualifications are not everything, you also want to make sure they have experience in running the rivers one of best attractions in georgia you are going on. Find out what qualifications they have, how long they have been working for and have they rafted this river before.

First Aid

Ensure that the rafts all have a basic medical kit and that someone who is taken the trip has First Aid and CPR. Hopefully, you will not need to use this, but it is a wise idea to cover your back.

If your guide says No

If you are enquiring about a trip for whitewater rafting in Georgia and your guide says he is not willing to take you, pay attention to him. There is probably a very excellent reason. Based on the time of year, some rivers become un-raftable because of the level of water, making it risky to run trips or your guide may think that the level of the river is too advanced for you and it is not safe for you to run. If you do get declined by one company, please do not find another to take you because it probably is not safe.

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