What's Your Type? ISFP

Peyton Pickle

Does this personality type describe me? Why or why not?

I think ISFP personality type does describe me. I'm very quiet at times until you get to know me. I hate having a problem or conflict with someone. I'm not the type to control others in what they do or lead them. Sometimes I hold back my ideas and thoughts about something, and I can be difficult to get to know.

Career Paths

  • Pediatrician
  • Counselor
  • Social Worker

Learnign style

  • Use color or other visual aids, videos, diagrams or charts.
  • Making notes record facts in bullet list form.
  • Take frequent notes.
  • Take concise notes.

Famous People

  • Prince
  • Micheal Jackson
  • Justin Timberlake

Common Traits

  • Charming
  • Curious
  • Passionate
  • Sensitive to others