And the superheroes that fight them!

The causes:

  • Floods are usually caused when heavy rainfalls occurs in a place that cannot hold all the excess water.
  • The overflowing of water eventually grows and expands, leading to a flood.
  • Other natural disasters however, also have a large impact on floods
  • Powerful tsunamis and hurricanes usually have floods as a result.

Where/when has this disaster happened in Canada?

  • In 1954, Southern ON, Hurricane Hazel struck, and the result was a massive flood that cost thousands of millions to repair!
  • This disaster left 81 people dead, and 4000 people homeless.

What Canadian cities are specifically vulnerable to these disasters???

  • Based on the historic trends that we have, Canadian cities that are in particular danger of floods include both Toronto, and Calgary.
  • Experts state that urban floods are only going to get worse as more people are choosing to live in places that are easily flooded.

The power of floods

The Heroes Against THEM

Predicting the disaster- The predictors

  • These Heroes predict floods by studying and analyzing weather patterns.
  • These patterns can be taken from satellite imagery and other weather instruments.
  • The next step is to broadcast this prediction to the rest of the country!
  • By accurately predicting which areas will be receiving the most danger, the people living there will know to evacuate. These guys save thousands of lives!

Reducing the impact- The reducers

  • These heroes use special tools to predict sea level rises and areas that may be at the risk of a flood.
  • Using this info, they minimize the impact of floods by raising the elevation of houses being built in areas of high risk.
  • By doing this they are successfully reducing the amount of casualties as the people living in these houses have much higher elevations!

Giving out the plan and preparing us- The communicator

  • These heroes are constantly giving us updates on the current situation, telling us what the government plans to do next, and what our course of action should be
  • They are always preparing us for what’s to come by informing us of it, and then giving us the governments plans.
  • By giving us constant updates to the governments plan we always know what we should be doing. Thanks to this, there's less confusion, leading to less casualties caused by confusion!