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Zitzman 411

What's Happening This Week:

Monday: D Day. Volleyball Intramurals (Gym @ 7:30am) Tiny Guitar Club (Music Room @ 7:45am)

Tuesday: A Day. Volleyball Intramurals (Gym @ 7:30am) PLCs all day. Good New Club (Gym @ 3:40pm) Girls on the Run (MS Track @ 3:50) PTO Meeting (Library @ 6:00pm)

Wednesday: B Day. Volleyball Intramurals (Gym @ 7:30am) Flu Shot Clinic (Stage 8-3 pm).

Thursday: C Day. Volleyball Intramurals (Gym @ 7:30am) ZE Staff Meeting - Certified Staff (Library @ 7:30am) Girls on the Run (MS Track @ 3:50pm). Gradebook Window Opens.

Friday: D Day. End of 1st Quarter. K-5 Evalute Make Up Day (Computer Lab @ 9:00-9:45am).

PLCs Agenda:

  • Behavior Protocol
  • Positive Postcards
  • SAPP Survey - MMD
  • Parent/Teacher Conference Hot Topics?

Evaluate Make Up Days

We have set a time in the computer lab schedule with Mrs. Carrico to have specific Evaluate Make Up days.

I sent calendar invites out:

*The 2nd Friday of every month from 9:00-9:45

*The 4th Friday of every month from 9:00-9:45

Give a list of students to Mrs. Carrico and what test they need to complete (Month/Subject).

She will come and pick up the students and bring them down to the Computer Lab for them to complete/finish the appropriate test.

A Reflection from the desk of Dr. Sladek

Core Values at ZE

Reading an article this weekend about values and how businesses are run. Like Starbucks and Zappos and other big companies are learning that going outside the rules/box is the most productive way to empower their employees.

Thinking about ZE's culture and climate I want you to think about what is your core value when it comes to putting your students first...

Here are a few I thought would be powerful:

  1. Do what you can to support the growth and success of your students.
  2. Grow and learn in a way that you would expect from the students in your classroom.
  3. Push your colleagues to grow along with you, but support, collaborate, and empower them on their path.
  4. Over-communication is better than under-communication.
  5. Take care of yourself so that you can better support others.
  6. Find joy in your work.
  7. Take the work seriously but never take yourself too seriously.
  8. Share your passion with others so we can help students find their passion.
  9. Find and develop strengths and talents first of your students and colleagues. Always start in the positive.
  10. Don’t just value people but also ensure people know they are valued.

#BeContagious #BeCourageous #ZELeads

Traffic Light: "Stop, Think and Go”- LIM Lesson

Key Points of the Leadership Tribe Lesson:

  • Proactive vs. Reactive
  • Responsibility for our actions, taking initiative, leadership.
  • “I am a product of my choices.”

Home & School Connections

Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences provides teachers the time to highlight student accomplishments and work together to assist students with areas of growth. Share Student Leadership Notebooks- highlight attendance, academics, and behaviors. Ensure parents that Zitzman staff members want to partner with parents to help ALL children succeed.

Seek assistance from the counselor or an administrator if you believe a conference may be difficult and help is needed to support the conference message.

PTO will be hosting a Bake Sale in the foyer of the building. Dinner will be sponsered by PTO and the office during the conference nights.

Title 1 Go, Go Ghost Night & PTO Trunk or Treat- Friday, October 26th

Zitzman is known for our supportive staff members. As in the past, I hope to see every grade level and department represented at the events. Feel free to split up- 2 members volunteer for the Literacy Activities and 2 members volunteer to sponser a trunk. This is a fun family event! Feel free to invite your families to join us for this night. Each staff member volunteering for the Oct. 26th event may wear jeans with a Halloween/Fall shirt on Thursday, October 25th to promote the event. See Mrs. Tylka to sign up to volunteer and Mrs. Grodie to get your grade level's candy purchased. Each grade level/department will get a $25 to purchase candy.

PBL - Try It!

October - National Bullying Prevention Month

The topic of bullying is always a big one at schools (and beyond), so in this exercise students are going to organize an Anti-Bullying Campaign for the school. This includes outlining the details of the plan, such as its goals, the roles of different individuals, and specific strategies and procedures that the school should implement.

Here's the link:

Or, to broaden that topic, here is a scenario where students become teachers and get to decide on the entire set of classroom rules. This includes the rules for behavior and academics (it might be interesting to see their take on the homework policy).

Here's that link:

****See Mrs. Flexsenhar if support is needed with a bully incident.

Action Team News:

Professional Learning & Staff Social Action Team:

Goal- To support the building with professional learning with LIM and PD while supporting a positive school community.

October Actions from this team- Bus Driver Appreciation October 17th. Chili Cook Off/ Luncheon for Friday, October 26th in hopes that there will be enough leftovers to feed anyone helping with trunk or teat that evening. Be on the lookout for a sign up in the lounge soon.

Help Wanted: Classified team members are needed to support our school-wide Action Teams. See Mrs. Armstrong to join a team and make a difference in our school community.

Title 1 News:

Inspired by both Jan Richardson’s and Tina Erickson’s implementation/research, teachers will find a list of Jan Richardon's words to firm up phonics that appear to be interrupting some K-5 students’ fluency. Fluency sentences and passages are an additional strategy/intervention to firm up those phonics within context. Tina and I are using sound boxes with pennies for students to push forward as we say aloud the lists of words. The continuum ranges from CVC words to Inflections words ( This is not the list, but will give you an idea of the phonic continuum; not to be confused with high frequency or sight words; however words may overlap). Students receiving Tier 2 and Tier 3 Title I pull-out reading interventions with Tina and I will receive sound box word work with phonics in addition to reading and writing. Look for upcoming training with sound boxes.

Electronic Word Study Inventory Class Summary Chart.xlsx

Loading… ... Electronic Word Study Inventory Class Summary Chart.xlsx

Students also benefit from manipulating magnetic letters. Tina and I will order magnetic trays with the alphabet printed at the top. This allows for easy, fast sequencing. Students will have opportunities to manipulative the Jan Richardson’s word list with magnetic letters during our word work as well.

From Mrs. Savin: If I am not in my room, I am pushing into the grade level indicated on my schedule in order to observe students using their skills with the whole group.

Evaluate- If one of my small group times coincides with an Evaluate assessment, I will push-in all and read aloud question and answers to students who benefit from it. This may include pulling a small group from that grade level to go to the Title I room. Ideally, the computerized text read aloud option will be activated for K-5 by the November assessment. At that point, some students may benefit from sitting at the classroom teachers’ reading table to encourage them to use both the read aloud feature and their rereading strategies.

Writing Corner

  1. Calkins’ Units of Study are NOT a script or meant to be followed lesson by lesson.
  2. Use your grade level standards to choose your lessons. This may mean skipping lessons and/or using lessons from earlier grades.
  3. Writer's Workship Training will be offered during the afternoon of Wednesday, November 7th from 1:30-4:00 p.m.

Teaching & Learning - Standard 4.3

Incorporate these three strategies this week to promote a high level of learning in our school community.

  1. Do you have these practices in place? Effectively combines flexible and varied independent, cooperative and whole-class learning situations and applies grouping strategies to maximize student understanding and learning.
  2. Do you have "I Can" or "I Will" statements posted to give students a visual on what they are learning?
  3. Do you have student work displayed in the hallway with a title and with the learning standard?

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