Ferrari 458 Italia

The Amazing Work At The Marenello Factory In Italy


Some people never looked at cars the way I do, most people think it is a form of boringness to sit in dread and, well wait to you get to your designated destination, I find it fun and exciting. Cars are more than just something to move you place to place, they are works of art, mechanical engineering, and… fun. To have the feeling to be glued to seat as the engine screams at 9,000 RPM and a top speed of 202 miles per hour the Ferrari 458 Italia is one of those fast and furious cars that will catch your eye when its strolling down town. When you open up the door to Awesome and you look at that massive 4.56 liter engine and you can feel the Ferrari feeling running through your veins and then you realize that you are sitting in the amazing Ferrari 458 Italia.


This car has a great V8 (8 cylinders) that is connected to a 7 speed dual clutch transmission just like the GT2 car that raced at the 24 hours of LeMans race in france. Direct injected (directly sent to the exhaust for more performance) exhaust and and turbochargers (turbochargers are extensions to the engine for more power and it takes 4/10 of a second to shift.) 4.56 litres (125 HP a litre).

Aerodynamics and Exterior Features

This car is very Aerodynamic it has 300 pounds of down force at 202 MPH however it accomplishes this without a massive wing, that is aerodynamics at its best. This cars engine is located in the back of the car which enhances the power output (or torque output) to 389 lb-ft it has smooth and complicated curves and body adjustments like hood scoops right by the doors and above the rear hood which cools down the brakes and the engine. Like many other cars there is always ways to look cooler and faster with special options from the factory the speciale versione of the 458 loses 200 pounds and goes up to 605 horsepower that is insane!! with a top speed of near 220 MPH (hasn't been released) but, the price has been released somewhere near $300,000 imagine what you could buy with all that money. The convertible version is slower than the stock (not speciale version) by 4 mph but it is a convertible so you gain the soundtrack of the engine and the exhaust which is nice because who doesn't like to hear a Ferrari engine! But the price is $233,500. But if you want the normal stock one it is $220,000.

what it is like to drive it / other information

Surprisingly this car is a supreme luxury car, Okay maybe not like a Rolls Royce but it is nice! it has heated passenger and driver seats each with the leather quality of an expensive handbag and the steering wheel has a heated option which would be nice for cold days. The 458 is a supreme GT and luxury car. Not all of these cars are what you’d call road legal some of the few 458’s turn into GT 2 cars these cars are raced in the 24 hours of Le Mans race in France. this cars competitors are the Mclaren MP-4-12c, Porsche Carrera/ 911, Lamborghini Gallardo, Chevrolet Corvette ZR 1, Audi R8 4.2, BMW ///M6, Aston Martin dbs, and the Bentley continental GT.

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  • V-4-6-8-10-12 = how much cylinders are in the cars engine bay.

  • GT 2 = a type of car that will be raced at the Le mans race in France and they also have GT 3 Cars and GT 1 Cars.

  • direct injected = directly sent to the exhaust for more performance and help cool the engine better.

  • turbochargers = extension to the engine for more power and it softens the exhaust note

  • exhaust = also known as the tailpipes it releases carbon monoxide.

  • dual clutch = a type of transmission that has a shift time of 4/10.

  • down force = how much pounds of pressure is put on the cars aerodynamics.

  • aerodynamics = the cars shape or form.

  • torque = the power that is sent to the back front or all the wheels

By: Sam