Lane Gassman

Who am i

Who Am I

my interests are football, and vidoe games, my skills are football and video games. my values are family , freinds, and football. my self-esteem is geat im nice to others. my learning style is like every others learning style i do my work. they need to know if you work right and dont wait till last second,and to see what your good at.

My Career as a AIR FORCE

Job Decription to serve the country.

Job salary based on time and serves

Job outlook expected to stay the same

Job cluster goverment

Job shedule full time and depending on rank

Job environment more then 2.7 milloin served in the air force

This Job is interesting because learn how to deffend your self and you see other countrys

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How do i get there

Arkansas its location fayitville.

So i can play for the razerbacks and its close to home.

i dont need a degree

the tuition cost is $7,818

scholarship sports

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