Our School Year Ends

Graduation at 7:00 P.M. Thursday

Graduation is at 7:00 P.M. TOMORROW at the Cicero SDA Church.

Dear CAES School Family,

TOMORROW evening at 7:00 P.M. our 8th graders graduate at the Cicero SDA Church! A number of our students are involved in playing the chimes for the graduates. Most, if not all, of grades 5-7, I understand, are playing. There may be a few 4th graders involved there also. Check with your student and/or Mr. Leal, also. The dress for the evening is Sabbath attire. After playing, the students are to go and sit with their parents. We hope that all of you will attend the graduation as well as the reception afterward. We want to send our 8th graders on to high school, knowing that they are loved and will be missed! Pastor Ron Kelly will give the graduation address. You won't want to miss this evening! Even if your child is not involved, we hope you will come help celebrate the end of our year.

If your students has a part in the program, please arrive by 6:45.

We will have school on Friday morning only. School will let out for the summer at 12:00 NOON on Friday.

Grades will be sent in the mail soon after school is out, as we must close out our school year the first part of next week. All schoolwork must be turned in by then. There are a number of things the teachers must do before we can leave for the summer.

If you have crayons at home, and/or do not want your child's old crayons coming home, there is a box at school to put them in. The box will go to a company that melts down old crayons and makes new ones out of them. They give them to children who need crayons, and might not be able to afford them. A great recycling project.

Looking back, this has been a wonderful year! God's presence has been felt. Thank you for your part! Each one of you has been and will continue to be very special to me! Let's continue to pray for each other as well as our children and young people.


Mrs. Olson