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JANUARY 13TH, 2022

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Dear Penngrove Families,

I don't know about you but that three day weekend ahead sounds pretty lovely! Thank you all for being so diligent about reading your Parent Square messages and shifting with us as our COVID protocols and guidance change from day to day it seems. We also appreciate your patience as we are learning about changes not long before you are! :)

I want to give a special shout out to three people who are absolutely without a doubt going ABOVE and BEYOND for our Penngrove community.

1. Ms. Lorena Gies - If you didn't already know, Ms. Gies is working full time while Mrs. Espino is on maternity leave. Not only did Ms. Gies give up her leisurely mornings when agreeing to step in full time, but she's here bright and early, answering phones, updating our MILLIONS of spreadsheets, making sure teachers have what they need, and being available to students, staff, and families 24/7. Ms. Gies is a treasure. Thank you, Ms. Gies for taking such great care of us and especially for keeping me in line!

2. Nurse Dana Rodriguez - If your family has been affected by COVID, you've probably had contact with the one and only Nurse Dana. On top of her regular duties, Nurse Dana is responsible for working with families to ensure they understand their quarantine and isolation protocols and timelines. She is available to our community as a valuable resource who we can count on for reliable health information. Not only does Nurse Dana take care of our Penngrove family, but she also works with the communities of Mary Collins at Cherry Valley, Grant Elementary School and Kenilworth Junior High School. Thank you, Nurse Dana!

3. Mr. Brian Dufour - Mr. Dufour is a Penngrove legend. Prior to being our PCS COVID Coordinator, Mr. Dufour has served the Penngrove community for years. As a PTA Executive Board Member, Brian provided a voice of reason, positivity, and optimism throughout his leadership. Additionally, Mr. Dufour officially put the "cool" in "cool dad" by founding Penngrove's "Happy Healthy Club". This club was a popular lunch time activity in which students from all grade levels gathered together to plan school-wide activities, spread kindness, and practice healthy choices. These days, Mr. Dufour can be seen running testing clinics, interpreting state and local guidance, and collaborating 24/7 with our PCS Cabinet Members. What we treasure most about Mr. Dufour is that he exudes respect, loyalty, and kindness while always keeping students at the center of his work. Thank you, Mr. Dufour!

Who are you grateful for today? And why? Take a moment to write someone a card, drop them a text, or even send someone a surprise in the mail. I think we all could use a little extra love these days.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Fadeji

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Why did the Panther cross the road? To get to the other side SAFELY!

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PLEASE! ONLY cross Adobe Road when using a crosswalk. We have two. It is NOT safe to just dart across the road. Let's model the RIGHT thing to do. Do not trust that a driver will yield to you when jaywalking across the street to get to your vehicles. Adobe Road is busy and not safe to cross unless you are in the designated crosswalks.


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It's Tour Season! TK/K/Incoming Family Tours Start Now!

Know someone with an incoming TK or Kindergarten student? Let them know tour season has begun! RSVPs are required in addition to proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test within 48 hours of the tour. See you soon! RSVP HERE!

Also, register your new Panther HERE!


What is Youth Truth?

We believe, and research shows that student and stakeholder voices matter. We equip education leaders to integrate these on-the-ground insights into planning, professional development, and improvement processes. What would your school system look like if the unique perspectives of your students, families, and staff were central to decision-making? You'd likely see a happier, healthier, school system on the path to higher academic achievement.

Please look for a parent notification letter that will come with your 3rd-6th grade students this week.

Here is a link to more information:

What grades will the survey be conducted?

Grades 3 - 6 will take the survey.

When will they take the survey?

The survey will be given sometime between January 14th and January 28th.

Is there a parent survey?

Yes, we look forward to collecting vital data from all stakeholders to make our school the best that it can be. Here's the link to the parent survey.

Does your student have a smartwatch ?

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Smartwatches are pretty cool little gadgets (with cool little calculators) but can be very distracting in class. We understand that they may be used to contact families in case of emergencies, but while your child is in class, the watches should stay home or be secured in a backpack.

Time Capsule Update

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The time has come! Our special mementos from the 2020-21 school year, capturing our lives in the first year of the pandemic have been buried near the garden on the campus. Special thanks to the Arent and Tarrant families for making this happen :)


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Interested in being on the committee?


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Secret Explorers and the Lost Whales

PCS Kickball League

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Students will have the opportunity to participate in our first PCS elementary kickball league! Students do not need to have previous experience in order to participate. Schools will practice and scrimmage at their school site from February 7th - March 25th and then participate in a final tournament with all PCS schools on March 26th as a culminating event. Practices will be held directly after school at the school sites. We are hoping to form multiple teams at each school and then group students by grade level. 1st-3rd will practice on Tuesdays, while TK/K and 4th-6th will practice on Thursdays. We are excited to bring our community together by coaching students in a team-building sport and giving them an opportunity to play schools across the district!

To sign your student(s) up, fill out the Kickball League Registration Form and the Kickball Liability Waiver for each student you wish to register. You can download a copy of the Kickball Liability Waiver online or pick one up from your school office. Please return all waiver forms to Gina Roberts at or return it to your school office along with a $40 suggested donation, checks should be made out to Petaluma City Schools.


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Petaluma American Little League Info!

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Pequeña Liga Americana de Petaluma

Inscripciones abiertas hasta el 15 de noviembre. Regístrese en

Are you as confused as some of us about which Little League to sign up for? See this link so you don’t show up to the wrong tryout, because that’s no fun!