Poetry Inside Out Course at Mills

Using Poetry Inside Out to Implement CCSS & CA ELD Standards

Sign up on On-Track, PD 5942, 3rd through 12th Grade ELA/Humanities Teachers

When: From early March-June, 2014, for 8 sessions

Initial Workshop: Friday, March 13th (4-7 PM) and Saturday, March 14th (9 AM – 3 PM) [1]

Monthly meetings: March 30th, April 13th & 27th, May 4th &18th, & June 1st - for 2 hours, on Mondays, from 4-6 PM

Duration: One semester

Location: Mills College Education Complex and Tilden Portable D

Who: A maximum of 20 OUSD 3rd through 12th- teachers

HOURLY STIPENDS: A maximum of 21 hours at the $22.99 rate for attendance outside of normal school hours.

COURSE CREDIT: Participants who complete the course can receive 4 semester units purchased from Mills College for a cost of $200.00

HOURLY STIPENDS: A maximum of 21 hours at the $22.99 rate for attendance outside of hours.


Learn how to develop ELLs and all students’ language in powerful ways, applying Poetry Inside Out, a program of the Center for the Art of Translation as a part of Designated ELD in alignment with the 2012 CA ELD Standards and CA 2014 ELA/ELD Framework, while engaging in deep teacher-led research. This course is designed to deepen our understanding and productive use of essential literacy skills. The vehicle for this work is Poetry Inside Out (PIO), a translation and poetry curriculum that fosters the building of academic literacy skills for linguistically diverse students 3rd - 12th grade. When students participate in PIO they have authentic, repeated opportunities to build the skills articulated in the Common Core & ELD standards.

This course has five parts:

  • Learning to implement Poetry Inside Out in your classroom
  • Learning about theories of literacy and second-language acquisition
  • Implications for Common Core and 2012 CA ELD Standards and CA 2014 ELA/ELD Framework
  • Engaging in teacher research on some aspect of implementation
  • Joining a national network to share research and practice

Participation includes:

  • Graduate seminar & teacher-inquiry project that runs from March through mid-June (dates above)

[1] Teachers who have already completed the PIO Mills Course once are not required to repeat this introductory portion. They can complete needed course credit hours with additional teacher research in their classrooms.