I want that job!


Astronomers Duty!

The main task of an astronomer is to use the important concepts of physics and mathematics to study the different aspects of the universe. This study mainly involves researching about the different facts related to the galaxies, star astronomy and the moon.

Fun Fact!

Talk about taking on a vast topic. Astronomers have been recording observations and hypothesis for over 2,000 years!

The benefits...

This field of reasearch will really contribute to society in the long run. It helps explain the unexplainable. Astronomers have already had many break throughs, so they have already contributed much to society.

Requirements & Skills

This job requires a bachelors degree in Astronomy. You will also have to take a test (kind of like a final) over everything you have learned. Not only do you have to have that, but you also have to have the skills to get the job done. You would need to be very skilled in physics and math. Also computer progamming skills would be very helpful.

Attitude Matters!

To be an astronomer you would have to have a very positive attitude. You wont always get it right the first time, so you would need to keep trying. A basic personality needed would be to have curiousity.

Anual Salary..the Big Bucks..

Most astronomers get paid anywhere from 90 - 150 thousand dollars depending on the company you work for or the level of work you have.

Projected Job Growth

Over the next 10 years we will see a rapid growth of 5.6%.

Jobs for higher..

Many companies such as Mars Global Surveyor, Malin Space science systems, or the obvious, NASA will higher you.