BHA Update

January 29, 2023

Assalamu Alaikum Dear BHA Families

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedules and attending the PGA meeting! We look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming banquet insha’Allah.

Alhumdulillah, the sports day at AG campus was a huge success! A BIG SHOUT OUT to our Student Council, BHA N-STEM Chapter and PTO for organizing this very exciting and fun-filled day! Special thank you to Coach Khaled for spearheading the activities and motivating the students! See pictures on our social media pages and video linked below.

Report cards will be sent out soon insha’Allah. May Allah SWT continue to bless our school and our community.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan,

BHA Administration

Character Ed. for February: Courage

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What is Courage? Written & Voiced by Stephanie Bierman, Program Director

BHA Annual Banquet : Tickets now available at AG & CC Offices!

Paper Tickets are available for sale at CC and AG campus offices (cash or check only).

E-Tickets: Click here to purchase tickets

Donate or Pledge: To directly donate and/or pledge for the annual banquet, please visit the following link:

Event Details:

Location: Muslim Community Center of Greater San Diego (Outdoors)

Address: 14698 Via Fiesta, San Diego, CA 92127

Time: Registration starts at 5:30 pm. Program starts at 6:00 pm.

For more details and updated information, please visit our linktree to access our website and social media pages:

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Jupiter Ed Settings

Parents can log into their Jupiter Ed accounts and change settings for how often their child’s grades are emailed to them. You can also change the criterion for grades allowing you to receive emails and/or text messages if they're missing an assignment, or have a low grade, etc.

See attached picture of a sample setup where parent automatically receives an email anytime an assignment is marked missing by the teacher or grade is C or lower.

Jupiter Ed default settings are to email grades every Friday at 4 PM PST unless altered by the parents.

Please feel free to contact admin if you need help with this.

Picture Day: Wednesday Feb. 22 and Thursday Feb. 23

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5K Run/Walk Update

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January Students of The Month: Elementary School Grades TK - 3rd

  • Qasim Abokhait- Academic Excellence & character growth

  • Musa Ahmad- Excellence & Excellent islamic manners

  • Sophia Wardak- Academic Excellence ,personal growth

KG 1
  • Zayd Ali- Islamic Behavior

  • Parisa Khan- Academic Excellence
  • Hana Muzaini- Academic Excellence

KG 2
  • Yassin Elaasar- Academic Excellence

  • Waliuddin Mohammed- Academic Excellence
  • Izzah Ahmad- Citizenship

1st 1

  • Yunus Mohammed- Overall improvement and growth
  • Ibrahim Asis- Academic excellence and hard work
  • Leya Abdelhalim- Excellent Islamic manners and character

1st 2
  • Sally Bilouni- Outstanding Islamic Character and Academic Excellence

  • Ibraheem Ouznali- Hardworking and academic excellence
  • Noor Fahid- Academic growth

2nd 1
  • Zeina Hussein- Student Choice for kindness and being fun

  • Nabiha Rahman- Excellent efforts in academic
  • Ali Atmaja- Excellence in Islamic character

2nd 2
  • Zaina Iqbal- Student choice

  • Nasteha Haji- Academic Excellence
  • Aishah Musse- Islamic character

  • Lana Morsi- Academic excellence in English and math

  • Amaar Mumin- Islamic manners and love for quran
  • Maimanah Bahrazi- Academic excellence in all subjects
  • Judy Moayad- Extreme growth in Math and Arabic

College Scholarship Opportunity

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Message from AG-PTO

Allied Gardens Campus hosted *Sports Day* this week bringing all the students together with a fine start on the 60M track race. The sportsmanship and outstanding participation by each student in every grade is a testimony to the achievements and great aura established at BHA. The students were full of excitement and anticipation for each new obstacle course and not only did they try their best, they had fun competing in it which made it a brilliant day.

Sports Day event provides opportunities to develop attributes of physical abilities, promote student collaboration and forming good character. Every student was a winner. The school’s support to the Student Council coming together and planning towards the event sums up the success.

Coach Khaled set the bar high for the event to be inclusive and competitive throughout for every student. Jazakum Allah khair to all our teachers who encouraged, anpplauded every student and stood through the windy weather to judge and tally the races and make them the most enjoyable.

February Hot Lunch Menu - AG

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February Hot Lunch Menu: CC

  • For Tuesdays and Thursdays lunches are paid in advance but if you decide to pay on the same day of the lunch, you can pay for it in the morning at the main office.

  • The Monday and Wednesday lunches can be paid to your teacher on the morning of that day.

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On The Horizon!

Tuesday, Jan. 31: Student Council Elections (AG)

Monday, Feb. 6: Middle School Science Fair Projects Submission Deadline

Saturday, Feb. 11: High School Science Fair Projects Submission Deadline

Thursday, Feb. 9: 100th Day of School

Saturday, Feb. 11: 4th grade Robotics Tournament

Saturday, Feb. 11: BHA Annual Banquet

Friday, Feb. 17: No School for students

Monday Feb. 20: No school / President's Day

Wednesday, Feb. 22: CC Picture Day

Thursday, Feb. 23: AG Picture Day

AG Events:

Leadership Workshop Series for 8th-12th:

  • First Session: Thursday 02/02: 1:15 - 2:15; Speakers: Tahini Owners

Upcoming Field Trips

Field Trips AG:

  • Thursday, Feb 9*: Grade 6, Ms. Meriyam, Ms. Iffat, and Ms. Isra - Birch Aquarium and hiking.

  • Thursday, Feb 9*: Grade 7, Ms. Najwan - Birch Aquarium and beach.

  • Thursday, Feb 16: Grade 7, 9:00 - 11:00, ICSD - presenting about Islam to Francis Parker middle school students and guests.

  • Thursday, Mar. 9: Grades 8 - 9, 8:15 - 2:00, Ms. Erum - S.D. Courthouse.

*Exact date of the Birch Aquarium field trip is pending confirmation.

Field Trips CC:

    • Tuesday, Feb 14th: Grade 4, Balboa Park

    • Tuesday, Feb 21: Grade 2, Japanese Friendship Garden.

    • Thursday, Feb 23: Grade 1, both Ms. Aya and Ms. Yasmeen’s classes- Seaworld.

    • Thursday, Mar 2: Grade TK, Ms. Edesta and Ms. Nawabi - Seaworld.

    • Thursday, Mar 2: Grade KG, Both Ms. Munira and Ms. Najla’s classes- Seaworld.

NOTE: All field trips are always pending parent chaperones and drivers availability; please support your child’s field trip whenever you can.

Middle and High School - Semester 2 Schedule

Covid Testing

Please note that Covid and various other communicable diseases are still present in our community and we urge all students, staff and parents to self check for symptoms before coming to school each day. OTC Covid home test kits are available for pick-up in AG and CC offices for students, staff and their families.

Jackets and Uniform Jumpers

Jackets and uniform jumpers are available for purchase at AG and CC campus (all available sizes) in the main office; the prices range from $35 - $40 depending on the size.

BHA Facebook Page

Pictures of school events and information posted regularly.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan