Tourists invited to HVMS

Open House includes fun activities

Open House Activities:

  • Meet your unbearable teachers.
  • See a presentation where Mini Miller the Killer steals lunches.
  • Worry and sweat while the Lizard King is yelling.
  • Learn how to stick up for a girl and fall in love.
  • Escape to the fantasy of good and evil.
  • Learn how to get a detention for not explaining your answers.
  • Explore the ways of getting avoided at lunch, so you can sit at your own table.
  • Find out all of the rules need to be on the Princess patrol.
  • Session on how to get bad grades for not completing reports.

Open House

Wednesday, Aug. 27th, 8am

Hills Village Middle School

This special open house is open for all who dare to come!

Based on the book, Middle School - Big Fat Liar by James Patterson.