Cycling in The Dark

Fun, Inclusivity, Inspiration and Freedom

Cycling is Really for Everyone

This project is about Cycling in the Dark and making a difference to those who do not have the gift of sight, as we do. In a way those of us involved in this project are being a mirror of light to those who world is dark, in a physical sense.

However, I believe that there are interesting parallels to explore... I know we can experience darkness and light on many different levels and in different ways. Just because a person is blind doesn’t mean they can’t be a light to others also. Just think, for example, how much poorer the world would be without Stevie Wonder's song "You are the Sunshine of my Life".

The world is filled with darkness for many, why not get involved in this project to have some fun for yourself and brighten up someone's life! You never know the difference you can make by just coming along for the ride!

'Cycling In The Dark'

This community project is to create an event day where blind people get an opportunity to ride tandem bicycle, to experience the joy of cycling and be part of the cycling community.

Intentions of the project:

1. Cycling is really for everyone.
2. Connect blind and visually impaired cyclists with sighted cyclists.
3. Address the needs of the blind tandem cycling community.
4. Sighted cyclists experiencing the satisfaction of captaining tandems and sharing the ride.
5. Bring fun, inclusivity, inspiration and freedom to the people participating in this project.

Cycling In The Dark - Ride#1 and BBQ

Saturday, Oct 27th, 10am

Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia

Parramatta, NSW

What is it?

Its bike ride created for blind and low-visioned people to experience the joy of cycling and be part of the cycling community.
Also with the intention of bringing the different communities (Blind cyclists, Tandem bike riders and the locals) together and creating new friendships.
Its all about fun, inclusivity, inspiration and freedom.
When? Oct 27th, 2012 - Saturday - 10 AM
Where? Parramatta Park
Meetup point? Parramatta Park Cafe inside the park.
How long is the ride? 7 KMs (2 rounds in park circuit)
What to bring?
* Please bring a plate of food to share.
* Your own bike
* Your tandem bike
How much does it cost? It is a free event.
Who can participate?
* Blind or Low-visioned person who likes to ride bicycle
* Tandem bicycle riders
* Anyone who likes to ride bicycle

Join the ride:

The specific measurable results targeted for the project:

1. 50 Blind cyclists and 50 sighted cyclists participated in the tandem ride.
2. More visually impaired individuals will cycle regularly, meeting new people, joining training rides and competing in events.
3. A database of captains and stokers created for Blind Tandem cycling.
4. NSW government adopts this project as an annual event.
5. At least 2 national newspapers published about this event.
6. At least $5000 raised for a charity related to blind and visually impaired people.

“When you’re in a car,” said a legally blind rider, “you’re isolated. You don’t feel anything. But on a bike, you feel the wind on your face. You start to feel what the road is like, the terrain, the up-and-down.”

This page is under construction. We will update more details shortly. Thank you for the support.