What will we eat in the USA ?

We will have breakfast with pancakes at IHOP, a famous restaurant in New York city. We will drink some milk. We think breakfast that is enough.

For lunch, we will eat burger with french fries at Mcdonald's in New York city. Taste is very good ! McDonald's is a blessing :)

For dinner, we will eat T-bone steak with wine at Steak restaurant in of New York city.

We eat good food and drinking fine wine, as well as be able atmosphere.

Are you going shopping in the USA ?

Yes, we will go to shopping in New York. We will buy D&G Metal clock at Woodbury Outlet.

If we are where millionaires will buy all the stuff..ㅠㅠ

Where will we go party while in the USA ?

We will go out clubing at the trinity Nightclub in seattle. It is felt the freedom. freedom!!

djsubolo trinity

Our second party in Florida, "Paris Club" to go. This is the "Paris Hilton" in the name of the club. she is really beautiful.

패리스힐튼을 만나다!

Who are we ?