Raymore Update: 9/4/13

News For & About our Raymore Staff Family & PLC

"If ya ain't got it in ya, ya can't blow it out!" ~Louis Armstrong

Here to all the talent & heart you each have within you...thank you for sharing it with kids here each day in our school family!

Read-A-Thon Starts Monday!

PTA is sending a video to us and we'll forward it to you to show to your students sometime on Monday. This is kind of a big deal in that it is our ONLY PTA fundraiser this year...and we count on all those monies to fund all they support (field trips, class grants, carpets, etc.)! I know pushing prizes does not relate to a target NOR is it in keeping with building internal motivation, but.......thanks for all you can do to hype this up and support kids, PTA, and our school!

Combers KC, a Head Lice Treatment & Prevention Salon to partner with Kristin for head checks next Mon/Tues!

http://comberskc.com/ Kristin has put together a wonderful community partnership with Combers KC, a salon that exclusively checks for and treats head lice, to help check ALL kids' heads here on Monday and Tuesday. Kristin will send home a letter via SIS to EC & Elem parents. She'll email you all a copy as well for FYI. Kristin will be notifying you of the schedule. Stay tuned!

Wish You Well-An Update from GG

GG found out this weekend that her husband Rene's latest x-rays on Saturday show the tumor which had covered his stomach and obscured his liver and pancreas, is shrinking! The doctor can now once again view his liver, and the tumor in his stomach/esophagus is still present but very small. They are hopeful he will continue to respond to the radiation and chemo. They are very excited! They also did a "Mets" scan over his body and they did not see any evidence that the cancer has spread beyond his pancreas, liver and stomach/esophagus. The focus right now is the pancreas, which is where the second cancer began in spring. She leaves Saturday 9/7 and will be with Renee in Tulsa until 9/19. At that time they will do a comprehensive scan and tests to see where they are. She appreciates all of your kind check-ins and prayers.

Next Network Gold Seal Lessons & Next Navigator login info

Gold Seal lessons, practice test items, performance events, etc.


The Next Navigator login is:

UN: michelle.hofmann@raypec.org

PW: password

Rigor & Relevance Handbook (1st Ed)


This is a great resource with some familiar pages for us as we continue forward with learning how to ensure all learning activities are of Rigor & Relevance to our learners here.

Click HERE for the bi-monthly newsletter from Smarter Balanced: Sample performance events, etc.

Check out this newsletter for FREE resources & webinars, practice tests and items including performance events, sample Gold Seal lessons, and more. Missouri is one of several states that is part of one of two Common Core development teams of educators, etc. known as Smarter Balanced. The other is PARCC.

Facts to Reassure Parents About Common Core

See "CCSS MLS RP Curriculum Talking Points" folder in our RE Shared Folder.
Teaching in the 21st century classroom

Reminders & Key Info:

  • Mary and Tara will be here next Tuesday for collab regarding our curriculum. Bring your device & any curriculum documents you'd like. Meet in the conf. room.
  • Please send pics of ways you're using your new devices! Snap photos of your colleagues too.
  • Be sure to check the RE Staff Calendar in Google Calendar. Is it showing up on your iPad? See Seth ASAP if not.
  • Make sure our School Website http://raymoretigers.weebly.com and Twitter addresses @raymoretigers are in your email signature
  • REVISED! Post schedules in RE Shared Folder inside “Teacher Schedules” folder by 9/9; also keep one posted outside your door. Update prior to initiating schedule changes.
  • REVISED! Lesson plans should also each Monday by 8:20 am as of 9/9 be uploaded into the RE Shared Folder inside the “Teacher Lesson Plans” folder.
  • Only with a team effort each year will we succeed with seeing to fruition an 8:20 am arrival time. Kudos to some of you calling parents! One parent today stated that was a very helpful reminder! Apple has contacted parents of riders and begin corrected pick-up times starting this week. A couple of day care vans are still learning processes too and we are working with them.
  • CORRECTED! SpEd/RegEd collab will begin 9/16 (Phillips) & 9/18 (Cain); stay tuned for others
  • Make sure Seth has your websites for Weebly
  • Tiger Time social skills/counseling groups begin Sept. 9
  • Early Release day Sept. 11; Focuses: PLC Collab: MLS planning, data analysis, RTI/Tiger Time
  • REVISED: Tiger Time academic DI flex-groups in each classroom will now begin Mon, Sept. 30. MTW=ELA & Th-F=MA
  • As of Sept. 30, 31 school days or 18% of year is over. We still get 82% of the year to ensure all our kids success with learning goals!
  • Sept 20: All teachers with their teams (however you define team (e.g. AMP, TLC, Gr4, etc.) send home a "Flipped" curriculum information presentation to parents; incorporate some form of video, voice-over, etc. ; post on Weebly
  • Sept. 30: All PDPs must be submitted online in Talent Ed. Information about focus areas of rigor/relevance/engagement coming.
  • October 1st: Old email stops forwarding, etc.
  • Quarter 2
  • Co-teaching in classrooms with devices begins when Seth and Sherri are off-rotation. Devices go into student carts and teachers facilitate student use.
  • Upgraded wireless likely to be complete here at RE by beg. of Nov.
  • Projection solution for iPads soon to follow (AirServer is the likely solution)

From the Digital Transformation Stakeholder Teams: Beliefs & Definition about Highly Engaged Learners

"We believe the teacher creates the conditions for the highly engaged classroom through their mindset, beliefs about student learning and actions in the classroom."

Reflection: It isn't about the device...for we can use any "smart" device in "dumb" ways as discussed at ISTE and all over the net. It's HOW we use our tools (tech included) to create the conditions under which EACH student engages deeply in learning experiences of the highest rigor and relevance! Remember: Donuts, recess, cartoons and Saturday sleep-overs are "fun." Our aim is engagement! How will you/we ensure that each day for each child?

From my current RP reading list: Learning & Leading With Technology magazine from ISTE

In the Sept/Oct 2013 edition of the magazine published by ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education...the conference I attended this summer in San Antonio), teaching fellow Grant Lichtman writes an article entitled, "Take Aim at Innovation!". On p. 13, he offers, "Innovation shouldn't look like a tablet or a laptop. It should look like a learning environment where students-with teachers at their side-choose their learning targets and aim to hit them." Look below! A copy is also in the lounge.