Laura Ingalls Wildner

Famous Missourain,By.Easton Waller

Laura Ingalls Wildner's life

My name is Laura Ingalls Wildner I was born Febuary 7,1867 I died Febuary 10,1957. I attend school in desemt I stood out because I loved school the most but I never graduated collage.My famliy could never afford outher famliys in the west my parents worked verey hard for our srvile they did stuff like buchring,milking cows and clollecting eggs from the hen's.My sister Mary got very sick and it caused her to go blined and my little brother Freddie died at the age of 2. My famliy moved back to wiscontion for a short piroid of time then we moved back to walnut grove Minnesota and I saw my first train. In 1882 I got my first teaching job in desemt where I met amonzo my hudsben. I came away from school with an long love for it. In 1930 we lost all our life savings and were at the benning of a grate depprison. Amonzo died at the age of 92 and I became a wirtter and I became famous for my sires was the little house on the praie. My baughter roes became a writter to.