Armani Cathey 1-11-16 7th

Growing as a student

I grew tremendously this year because a four letter word called AVID. It helped with alot of stuff note-taking, Tutorials, TRF's, writing skills, public speaking, and community service which im going to tell you about in the other slides. Firstly, because it made me a better person all around it made me more neater and respectful greeting's and much more.


The tutorials in AVID really helped me alot beacause when I really didnt understand something or I struggled on something on Tuesdays and Thursdays i'll go to Coach Robinson's class and we would get in groups and we would each get a turn and talk about something we struggle in.


The Note-taking strategy in AVID helped me alot this year in all my classes. It helped me alot firstly, because when my teacher asked me about something that happened a week or two  before that day all I have to do is go to my notes and check to see what the teacher was talking about.


The TRF's in AVID helped me alot firstly, because the day before tutorials i would do it and the next day i'll probably forget about what I wrote about for tutorials the next day. It also helped me because after we did tutorials we reflected what we did on the back of the TRF.

Public Speaking

Public speaking wow I use to couldn't even talk in front of my parents while speaking because i was so embarrased of speaking in front of other people. But AVID taught me how to speak the right way now i'm not so embarrased and it's pretty easy now that i think about it and i did it.

Community Service

Helping out the community , Community service is a special thing because we are giving back to the community. AVID made me like community because i'm giving to the homeless or the less-fortunate and it made me fill good.


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How will I grow next semester with these skills?

How will I grow?? I'll grow a lot because I've learned a lot this semester so next would be even better because I would be more neater and more organized than this semester.