World War Two

From 1939 to 1945

The background of World War Two

The Second World War was a terrible thing but it's also fascinating. World War Two started when Germany invaded Poland, this was in 1939. Britain and France responded to that by declaring war on Germany. It was one of the biggest wars In history, since it was so big two little wars were apart of it , (Pearl Harbor) and (The Invasion of Normandy)This war was like a crazy roller coaster ride. It ended in 1945.


In this year of 2015 we all live great lives. We go to school we have a house and we live in peace. We weren't always this way though we the people back in the 1930s more specifically 1939, were practically starving they had to saver their food to survive. Now a days people just sit around at home playing on electronics not knowing a thing about what's going on around them because their so rapt up in games they can't focus.


War now would never compare to World War Two. It is not still going but still has effected us in every way possible. We were thankful for the time that soldiers put in to save us and we are still thankful now evan though it was not in America.