The Ferry

Brenna Kirksey

"Do we have to take the ferry?" I asked my Nina. "It looks awfully dangerous to me!". "It's the only way from Port Aransas to Rockport", Grandaddy said without looking back. I leaned back in my seat, pondering all of the possible things that might happen. "Well, what if," I started to say. "Shhhhhhh," Nina interrupted. "We're taking off.

The boat was very intimidating. The captain sat somewhere atop the massive, metal tower that loomed over the rest of the boat. That dosen't look very safe, I noted mentally. A short woman in a neon yellow vest guided us onto the car platform, surrounded by other vehicles. The fact that I could feel the gentle sway of the boat made me dizzy.

As I looked down at the choppy waves, the boat lurched forward. The boat moved faster than I thought! Then, I noticed something grey moving around in the water, occasionally skimming the surface. A closer look told me that it was a dolphin! I scanned the waves for others. Then out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a brown pelican gliding among the waves without fear. As it flew out of sight, I realized the ferry had stopped. I was proud of myself. I had ridden the ferry!

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