Constitutional Convention Project

By: Shakari Turner

What is the Constitutional Convention?

The Constitutional Convention took place from May 14 to September 17, 1787 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The point of the event was to determine how America was going to be governed. It had officially been called to reconsider the Articles of Confederation but many of the delegates wanted to just start a new government rather than fix the existing one.

The Great Compromise

The Great Compromise was at the Constitutional Convention,which was a meeting of states whose delegates were working out plans for the National government.

Three-Fifths Compromise

It was a compromise between the northern and southern states during the Constitutional Convention. Each slave counted as three-fifths of a person regarding taxes. The compromise was based on the belief that a slave was supposedly three-fifths as economically productive as a white.

Checks and Balances

The system of checks and balances is used to keep the government from getting too powerful in one branch. For example, the supreme court may check Congress by declaring a law unconstitutional. The power is balanced by the fact that members of the Supreme Court are appointed by the President Those appointments have to be approved by Congress.

Electoral College

The Electoral College process is used to select the president and vice president of the United States. The founding fathers did not like the idea of a popular election. They were concerned that presidents would always come from states with high populations. They also wondered if the public would have the knowledge necessary to make a wise choice.

Federalists vs. Anti-federalists

The federalists thought that all articles were weak and ineffective, their government was also weak and they had the separation of church and state. Anti-federalists agreed with all articles, they had very strong government and they put an end to anything to tried to eliminate any references to God.