my winter break


matthew fenimores news letter

Hobies, my whobies are video games,drawing,reading,writing,and on ocassion hunting.

My family my moms name is megan and my fathers name is jason i have one older brother who is sixteen and two younger sisters of the age 5 and 11. their names are josh,julia,and maya.When i grow up i would like to be a software desighner witch is basicly the desighn and production of video games .Over christmas break i gathered with my family and hung out with freinds this year my aunt andie her two sons lincoln and liam came over along with my uncle jeremy that was fun catching up with them.For new years i didnt really do much because i fell asleep before 12:00. I would like to be in alot of clubs and activities to do with tech and games. Fun facts, i hunt i am more aof a bow hunter but dont mind using a gun, i enjoy to camp in the woods i like the solitude away from the city.