Dangerously Alice

By- Madelyn Heikkila


The main character in the book Dangerously Alice is Alice. She is a very outgoing and caring girl. She has red hair, and is very pretty. She likes to spend time with her friends, but she still works at her dads store every Saturday.

This story takes place at her home and at school. The school year just started so it's around fall, and that then leads into the winter.

The conflict in the story is Alice hasn't been around her parents a lot, so she spends most of her time with her friends. That leads to Alice getting into some fights with her step mom and dad. This conflict is external because it has to do with other people.

Rising Action

Alice's start to her junior year doesn't start out the greatest. Her step mom and her tend to fight a lot. Some of the reasons why are because her mom got a cat without asking her, and Alice didn't typically want a cat. Another reason why is because Alice was looking forward to driving her and her friends for a girls night out, and Sylvia wouldn't let her use her car for the night. Then one night she goes out with her group of friends, but unexpectedly some of the boys brought alcohol and got drunk. Then they drove out to a party and from then on it went down hill.


Alice is at the party with a bunch of her friends, and people she doesn't even know. Her friends Pamela and Liz get into the car with one of the boys who had some of the alcohol. At the end of the street Alice hears the sound of metal against metal, and is scared that Pamela or Liz got hurt. After that, police show up and take care of the scene. Then when Alice gets picked up by her dad at the police station she knew that, that could happen to her as well if she went in the car with her friends. It made her realize that her parents were important to her, so she decided to be more nice.