Shanghai Girls

by Lisa see

SImple Summary

Pearl and May Chin are two sisters who work as beautiful girls in Shanghai. They live a privileged life; until events unfold that change their lives forever. Their father looses their fortune to gambling, and arranges marriages for his daughters, the only things of worth he has left. After the arranged marriages commence, Pearl and May are supposed to get on a boat that will head to Los Angeles, where they will live with their new family. However, the sisters disobey orders and stay in Shanghai. This proves to be the wrong choice.

Girls, provides a rich experience for its readers – taking them from the splendor, highlife, glamour and poverty of 1937 Shanghai to the struggles of Chinese immigrants to survive a virtual internment on Angel Island, off the coast of San Francisco, to the almost impossible challenges of trying to build a life in Los Angeles Chinatown in the context of an America that does not want them and treats them cruelly.