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  • Events surrounding the single-elimination Division I college basketball tournaments performed each spring in the United States. The main tournaments involved are the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championshipand the NCAA Women's Division I Basketball Championship. The nickname "March Madness" for these championships developed during the 20th century and was the origin of the video and television applications of the nickname.
  • NCAA Basketball series (formerly March Madness series), an EA Sports college basketball video game series.
  • Mega March Madness, a defunct pay-per-view television package covering the college basketball tournament.
  • Illinois High School Boys Basketball Championship, a single elimination high school basketball tournament.
  • The month of the government of Canada's fiscal year end (March 31), when departments traditionally rush to spend the remainder of their budgets in order that they not experience budget reductions the next year. This usage was apparently the origin of the uses for basketball.[1]