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Author Visit and Barnes and Noble Book Fair

November 4 for Grades K-2 - Peg Sundberg or Cowgirl Peg!

Barnes and Noble Book Fair will be November 21-23 in store and for one week, following online. Please use #11481355 or tell them it's for Marek, if you buy items at the Pearland Town Center store during those times. We will also have a Family Night from 4 to 6 p.m. on the 21st where teachers and students will be reading favorite stories!

Classroom Happenings

Kindergarten classes have been so busy. They have learned about weather, seasons, Veteran's Day and being thankful with fiction, nonfiction and electronic resources. We studied characters, setting and genres within those topics! . The login is Marek and the password is: school.

First grade classes have worked on beginning, middle, end, summary, inferencing, main idea and details in fiction and nonfiction with bats, spiders, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and fun fiction stories.

Second grade has learned about bats and spiders. Anansi stories by Eric Kimmel figured prominently and then we did research in nonfiction books. We discussed nonfiction text features and used PebbleGo. We are entering the Thanksgiving season with the Scholastic Thanksgiving Website and nonfiction books for research about the first Thanksgiving.

Third grade has continued their large author unit. Students have chosen authors and read works by that author. Some classes have also finished their research about the author through biography work. Several classes have started writing their rough draft using organized notefacts about their author. It's very exciting to see all their expertise!

Fourth grade is working on their Bluebonnet books! They are also in the beginning of Texas History. They are studying Texas Native Americans and explorers using nonfiction books and the devices. They had the opportunity to listen to 7th grade reports on the Texas Revolution which will prepare them for the next step in Texas history! Mrs. Vogel's science classes are using our devices for weather research.

Fifth grade is working on US history and they are "on the road to the Revolution!" We have worked in the US history atlases and are doing work on the first Thanksgiving through books and websites/devices. We have done readalouds about historical fiction and I was able to help them create "Voki's" about their fictional characters and listen to them share their diary entries as that character. Awesome!

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Electronic Books

A mackinVIA account has been set up for your school’s staff and students. Log in to mackinVIA using the URL and login/password below. (Login and password are not case sensitive.)

If you are asked for a Follett login and password - type in guest in both spaces

New Electronic Books

New electronic books are being added to the catalog this month. We added 50 this week which includes 7 Bluebonnets that kids can “VIEW” at home without checking out and many others! Go to the catalog on the library webpage. Type in “electronic books” for a complete list or the individual titles. Click on the copy with a Blue E instead of a red book. Click View. You will be asked for a password….Mackin is mmelib and password is mmeread. Follett is Guest and Guest. Some will read to students and some will not.


The login is: Marek

Password is: school

This primarily nonfiction from grades K-3. It reads to them and has glossary terms over animals, earth and space, biographies and social studies. Native Americans and states will be added soon.

StarWalk Media – also electronic books. This will read fiction and nonfiction books to the students. (bookmark this page for future visits)

Student Login: – Marek Student Password: Marek

If you are using this subscription with tablets, such as the iPad, Kindle Fire, or latest generation Android tablet, I suggest that you visit the App Store for the appropriate tablet maker, and then search for and download the free SWKids Reader app and install on each device to be used with the collection. Once installed, users can login directly into the app, and go to a simple bookshelf browse and search experience.

If you are having difficulty on an ereader or tablet, try downloading the appropriate app at this url:

Sebco Ebooks

Please have your students start reading your eBooks at:

Your site address:

Your student login: MMELIB

Your student password: MMEREAD (NOT CASE SENSITIVE)

Your student id number: Students will be asked to input their Student ID number and name the first time they access this...

Download the free Sebco app and read your eBooks from your IOS, Android or Kindle device.

Goto the homepage and select click to download from the Apps box.

Download Apps for your devices at or as well!