Wellness In France

By: Austin Masters

About France

France is a country where sports and leisure are an essential part of life, due to the landscape of the country. When winter comes millions of people come to France's famous ski slopes the Alps, where skiing, skating, and snowboarding is a popular pastime.

Physical Wellness Activities and Practices

Include: Yoga, soccer, tennis, and lacrosse.

Kids are recommended to do at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day, only 25% of boys, and 11% of girls completing the recommendations.

Diets include of low portion high quality foods.

Social Practices in France

Include: Soccer games, Concerts, and Theater.

Social Activities That Are Popular In France

French Health Care System

The French Health-Care system combines universal coverage with a public private mix of hospital and ambulatory care.

Similar to the United States Health Care System.

Cycling the Mont Ventoux - Tour de France ascent from Bedoin
USA vs France 3-1 Semifinals Highlights 2011 FIFA Womens World Cup [Courtesy ESPN SportsCenter]