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March 22-26th - Term 4 begins!


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EGUSD recognizes March 21 as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Racism, xenophobia and intolerance are problems prevalent in all societies. But every day, each and every one of us can stand up against racial prejudice & intolerant attitudes. Be a human rights champion, #fightracism and #StandUp4HumanRights

Learn more: https://www.un.org/en/letsfightracism

We are MT!

We are so excited about being in the red tier and the potential to see some of our students in person on April 1 and 2.

While this excitement is palpable, we are also saddened by the recent acts of hatred against the Asian American community. As we reflect upon the distress that these actions have caused, we want to take a moment to remind everyone that Monterey Trail High School prioritizes safety first and we value each and every one of our students. We want a safe community for all of our students, family and Mustang community. This takes everyone doing their part.

While our students have participated in our Respect the Trail anti-bullying lessons, it is important to remember that we do not tolerate bullying or harassment and we need your help if you see anything or hear of any concerns.

Report any concerns to a trusted adult or via our anonymous incident reporting tool on our website - mths.egusd.net.

We pride ourselves on how wonderful our diversity is and we celebrate each other. Together we can fight racism, bullying and harassment and keep the hate off of our campus and out of our community.

We are MT...a community with integrity, respect and confidence.

Wellness Reminders

We want everyone to be well so here are some reminders of resources available in the picture at bottom of newsletter. We also have our own Employee Assistance Program: 1 (800) 646-9923.

And you can visit our Virtual Community Wellness Center. Students are welcome to schedule meetings with their school counselor by accessing the Counseling Website HERE.

Reach out if you need anything.

March 22nd - Term 4 begins in distance learning

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When will we begin concurrent learning with the new schedule?

As long as we remain in the red tier:

  • March 22-29th - follow the distance learning bell schedule above
  • Self contained classes will begin March 25, 26 in concurrent learning - your case manager will be in touch
  • March 30th and 31st - special bell schedule (draft below at bottom of newsletter) for teacher prep days
  • April 1st - new concurrent bell schedule begins (draft below at bottom of newsletter) for the remainder of the year (April 1 - Thursday - first time in person for those on Tues/Thurs in person cohort April 2 - Friday - first time in person for those on Wed/Fri in person cohort)

*If you don't know your cohort, please look at ParentVue under student information where you will see either DL - distance learning only, TTH - Tues/Thurs cohort in person, WF - Wed/Fri cohort in person

*If you want to change your request, please contact the front office Mon-Fri 7:30-4pm before March 29th so we can adjust it before the teacher prep day to assist with preparations...after that there are no changes until 2 weeks after we are reopen


  • Family Orientation and Student Orientation - for concurrent learning

-Invites went out to the students who will be returning in person via Synergy email for the 9th grade in person orientation

- in advocacy there will be a lesson on March 29th for all students

-an invite is being sent for an evening live zoom for families in the newsletter to families this week for March 30th

  • Seniors and Graduation - we know: Virtual graduation is happening, Golden 1 is still reserved for May 24th at 11am and a social distance in person if not at Golden 1 is being planned as well but we don't know the dates and details

  • When will families and teachers know who is coming to school and which days?
-this is now visible in ParentVue and on Synergy - there are icons on the seating chart and in student screens for teachers/staff to see

-School sites are still examining the size of the classes and needing to move some students

  • Are all sports competing now?

-football, golf, tennis and cross country are competing and we just got approval for cheer to be at the football games

-spectators are immediate family only and at this time we cannot have other spectators unfortunately but if that changes we will send something out

-other seasons will start as we go but there are still no indoor sports at this moment

Go Mustangs! and thank you to the coaches and Coronado for making this an opportunity for our student-athletes

Term 4 Materials and Distribution of Items

Term 4 Distribution

Drive thru distribution of textbooks and materials will occur the first week of term 4.

March 22, 23, 24, 25 from 3:30-6:30 by alphabet (first letter of last name)

see picture below - information went out via Synergy to families prior to spring break and again in the newsletter this week

Students need to come by to pick up:

  • Textbooks and art/ceramics/yoga/piano/choir/DATA materials for term 4
  • Driver's Ed pink slips
  • Senior cap and gown
  • Honor Roll academic awards
  • Chromebooks (required for all those attending in person only - if they don't already have one checked out to them - NOT for SBAC testing at this time)
  • Drop off the senior mural tiles if you haven't already
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Click here for the MTHS Student HUB

This is your one stop shop for SO MANY great resources

This week on the Trail

Monday, March 22

Meal Distribution - 6:45 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m (see info in EGUSD community letter)

Term 3 Grades due

Term 4 Distribution (see schedule above)

Tuesday, March 23

Term 4 Distribution (see schedule above)

Wednesday, March 24

Term 4 Distribution (see schedule above)

Thursday, March 25

Term 4 Distribution (see schedule above)

Friday, March 26

Optional 9th grade in person Orientation - RSVP required (see email in Synergy if you had requested in person concurrent learning only)

Friday Fun Day - lunch activities - see emails


  • March 30th - Open Mic Night virtual - watch for more details - sign up was sent in email by Craig Grivel
  • Term 3 grades available in Synergy (TBD)
  • Reopening (see info above in newsletter and the special bell schedules - if anything changes it will be emailed in Synergy so please see your emails daily and read any that come from EGUSD as well)

Special Schedule Bells for Teacher Prep Days (tentative March 30, 31)

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Concurrent Bell Schedules for when we reopen (tentative Thurs., April 1)

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What if our students need a Chromebook or have an issue with a current one?

The student/family should contact the front office during work hours 7:30-4 Mon-Fri (except holidays)


Individuals will be told when and how to pick up a Chromebook on a case by case basis. It will not occur at distribution for term 4.

Senior Information - Class of 2021!

Cosumnes River College Application Info

Click on this one to find out about workshop presentations, application and orientation info and more.

Seniors see Synergy emails from Mr. Grivel and Ms. Green for vital information throughout the rest of the year

Graduation updates

Seniors, please look out for each other and make sure your friends are aware of the important deadlines that are coming up.

Cap and Gown Distribution

If you missed it, there is an opportunity to pick it up at the textbook distribution this week (see info above)

If you haven't ordered your cap and gown yet, or secured a loaner, you should do that right away.

If you have questions about a previous order or any other questions regarding your cap and gown, please contact our Jostens’ rep directly at 916-389-0018 or pat.cummings@jostens.com.

The direct link to order a cap/gown/tassel or to order the loaner package is: https://www.jostens.com/apps/store/productDetail/1434504/Monterey-Trail-High-School/-/1442149569/CATALOG_REPOSITORY/Cap-and-Gown-Unit/1486506788/ The entire cap/gown/tassel package must be returned after the ceremony if you order a loaner.

One of the requirements for either a virtual graduation or an actual event (hopefully both), is that students will be in the designated cap and gown.

Emails needed for Graduation Submission

Urgent: we need Seniors to provide a current student email, that you can check often so you don't miss important notifications.

To enter your email in Synergy, parents must log in to ParentVUE

  1. select “Student Info” and click the button labeled “Edit Information.”
  2. In the field for “Student’s Email,” enter the student email address.
  3. Remember to click “Save Changes” after entering the email address.
The email needs to be an accurate, working address that the student should check frequently.

Athletics update

See the EGUSD Community Newsroom link here:

EGUSD Sports News

We are excited to get to see our students compete and will communicate when we know more details.

Golf, Football, Cross Country, Tennis and Cheer are active and in season now! We are so proud of you all for your perseverance throughout these difficult times and we wish you the best in your competitions!


Due to the COVID -19 pandemic, all dates are subject to change.

MTHS College and Career News

College and Career March Newsletter

Click here to stay on track to determining your college/career options.

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Ways to stay in touch

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