Marco Polo

His life and adventures

Marco Polo's Back story

Marco Polo was born in September, 1254 and he died in June,1324. Marco Polo's home town was Venice Italy. His mother was Nicole Anna Defuseh and his father was Niccolò Polo. He had two older brothers, Niccolo and Maffeo Polo. Marco Polo was Venetian in nationality. As an occupation he was a merchant. In 1289 he was imprisoned in Genoa when he was 44 years old

Discoveries and achievements

he was the first person to record a travel through Asia and his first voyage was from his hometown Venice Italy to China when he was 15 years old.

His greatest achievement his journey across the Silk road in 1271.

His impact on the world

Marco Polo’s approach to travel helped inspire a whole generation of adventurers. Among his followers was Christopher Columbus who was actually inspired to venture out and because of that America was discovered.