Panther Pause

May 2016 edition

Spring Beautification Day

We extend a huge thank you to all of the community members, students and staff who came out to help with our Spring Beautification Day on April 16. The campus's "curb appeal" has improved!

Character Trait of the Month: Self-Discipline

Community Garden

In collaboration with Five & Two Farms, the students at Courtney have created a unique garden on the old tennis court. Volunteers guided the students in planting herbs, greens, trellising beans, and other crops last month. The students will monitor the plant growth and conditions as part of the science curriculum, with the added bonus of learning how to grow food. Dr. Cockrell sees the garden as "a way to authentically supplement core curriculum." The garden also provides a connection between the school and the Courtney community.

We invite the community to visit our garden! Please check in with the office before heading down to the garden, so that we can ensure our students' safety.


End of Grade exams are fast approaching! K-2 students will be completing their end of year testing within the next few weeks. Once they are done, the older students complete their End of Grade (EOG) exams.

Exam dates for 2016 are:

  • May 20: grade 5; Science
  • May 24: grades 3 - 6; English/Language Arts
  • May 25: grades 3 - 6; Math

All students, grades 3 - 6, are required to take EOGs.

We are in need of proctors for the exams! If you are interested, please contact Becky Beamguard @ 3364635510 or You can also register to proctor at Thank you in advance for helping keep our exams ethical!

Save the Dates - May 31: Field Day - June 3: Award Day

Hat Day

Friday, May 27th, 8am

2529 Courtney-Huntsville Road

Yadkinville, NC

For a $1 donation to the Tech Fund, students are invited to wear their favorite hat on May 27.