Mrs. Dina's Kindergarten

Week of December 8th - 12th

Fun! Fun ! Fun!

We had a fun and very productive week! To get into the Christmas spirit we decorated a Christmas tree in our classroom. Your children actually created the ornaments and placed them on our tree. Our classroom is fully decorated for Christmas! We have red and green chains hanging from the ceiling, we have Christmas trees hanging, stockinsg hung by our homemade fire place, and gingerbread men in the window! It's like a winter wonderland!

We caught our Gingerbread Cookies!

We had a ton of fun making our gingerbread cookies! We rolled out our dough and each child cut out their own cookie. We put them in the oven while we sat snuggly on our stage and read The Gingerbread Man. Your children loved getting out of the classroom and reading on the stage. Following our story, our cookies were ready! Your children decorated their cookies with frosting, m & ms, and sprinkles. Finally, we also decorated gingerbread men and placed them on our windows!
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Dear Santa...

We made stockings and told Santa how good we have been this year. Your children wrote letters to Santa which are hanging by our homemade fireplace. Santa is going to be really busy!
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A Peek at the Week



  • The Gingerbread Man
  • The Gingerbread Baby


  • Rhyming
  • Blending
  • Identifying Medial Sounds
  • Segmenting
  • Substituting
  • Adding Phonemes
  • Language Awareness

Tricky Words (new words)

  • love
  • want
  • he
  • we

Tricky Sounds

  • ph


Journal Writing

  • Over the Weekend
  • For Christmas, I want...
  • I love...
  • He is...

Journal Rules

  • I by itself is always big
  • Always begin with a capital letter
  • All people's names begin with a capital letter
  • All other letters are small
  • Spaces between words
  • Periods


  • Calendar routines
  • Counting by 2s (2-50)
  • Counting backwards (50-1)
  • Teen Numbers
  • Number 15
  • Number Boxes
  • Tally marks
  • Estimation Jars
  • Sequencing
  • Addition with manipulatives
  • Simple subtraction with manipulatives
  • Number Stories

*Parent Tip for Number Stories

Tell stories that are short, simple, and interesting to children. Use children's names and characteristics, or real-life situations as the basis for number stories. There is no "right" way to tell number stories. The goal is to make them meaningful and to include a variety of problem-solving strategies.


George and Peter made a block tower that was 9 blocks high. The top block fell off. How many blocks high is the tower now?

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Pajama Day

Pajama Day was so exciting! Your children looked so cute coming to school in their pajamas. We took advantage of our special day and cuddled with our stuffed animals and blankets while we read stories, watched Charlie Brown Christmas, and ate popcorn.
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Congratulations to our Star Students

Show and Tell

Looking Ahead

Monday, December 15th

Happy Namesday Eleftheria!

Wednesday, December 17th

  • Church Day
  • Please be sure your children bring gym shoes for gym class

Friday, December 19th

Show and Tell----------Michael, Tatiana, Peter, Penni

Christmas Party----------10:30am-11:30am

  • Children may dressy church attire for our Christmas Program
  • Party Helpers will coordinate our classroom party
  • Our PPO will provide a snack, craft, and a pizza lunch
  • Children do NOT need a snack or a lunch on this day
  • Please send an oversized t-shirt to school with your children to wear while they are eating lunch. We do not want anyone to get dirty before the program.
  • Children may also bring in treats to pass out to each other (this is optional)
  • Please be sure to keep all treats peanut-nut free
  • Please drop off all treats in the morning

Christmas Program------------1:30pm

  • Our Christmas Program begins at exactly 1:30pm
  • Children may wear dressy church clothes to our program
  • Children are to remain with their class the entire duration of the program
  • Dismissal will take place following the program upstairs in our classroom
  • You will still have to sign out your children
  • Children will be dismissed with their eldest sibling just as we do on a daily basis
  • Anastasios-----our classroom
  • Billy------our classroom
  • Katia-----our classroom
  • Peter------our classroom
  • Penni---------our classroom
  • George-----our classroom
  • Michael------our classroom
  • Diamanto-----our classroom
  • Dimitri------our classroom
  • Tatiana-----Ms. Eleni's classroom (2nd grade)
  • Katerina-----Mrs. Aleka's classroom (3rd/4th grade)
  • Eleftheria------Mrs. Aleka's classroom (3rd/4th grade)

Monday, January 5th

  • Classes Resume
  • Church Day