Forensic Science Technicians

By Blake Givens, And John Dymond

What They Do:

Forensic scientist Help investigate crime scenes like homicide's, murders, and suicides. These particular crime scenes get photographed and examined.

There Work Envirement

The scientist work in their labs mostly, but also at crime scenes.

How To Become One And The Pay:

To Become One, You Have To Have A Bachelors Degree (and have swag). In 2012 Forensic Scientist in 2012 got paid $52,840, And now forensic scientist get paid $82,000 annually.

Job Outlook and Similar Occupations

Their job outlook is mostly occupations. A few similar occupations are chemical technicians, Chemist, And Doctors.

Contact for more info

American Academy of forensic science.

The Six Sessions

In the first session we analyzed a crime scene. In the second session we explored the different methods of collecting evidence. In the third session we learned the process of DNA finger printing. In the fourth session we completed a DNA extraction. In the fifth session we learned the parts of a microscope. In sixth session me learned the processor document analysis.