Environmental Engineer


annual salary of an environmental engineer ranges from $42,000 to $94,000 with the median salary being about $68,000

Cost of Education

In Public around $20,000

in Private around 40,000


You need to have a degree in the master or bachelor's s so around 4-6 years.

What is a environment engineer ?

An environmental engineer solves problems in the environment using her or his knowledge of chemistry and biology. He or she is concerned with pollution control, recycling and public health issues.

what is a day like?

  • collaborating with environment scientist, planners, hazardous waste technicians, engineers and other environmental specialists, as well as with legal and business experts
  • evaluating industrial and municipal facilities to determine if they are effective and comply with environmental regulations
  • preparing reports
  • designing processes or equipment to control, manage or remediate water, air or soil quality and supervising their development
  • obtaining permits, updating plans and maintaining operating procedures

More Things

-You have to be certificated to be an environmental engineer

-If things are good then the career can increase the job by 15% or more.

-you would work for federal or state companies

- You will be working in the days in the city or where ever the state sends you.

-There is insurance because you will be working for the state and the federal.

- The retire age is the same age as everywhere 65

- You can get a promotion if you figure out and find ways to help the environment

What is an Environmental engineer?

resolve and help prevent environmental problems. the work in hygiene, toxic materials control, and land management. The duties is to range from planning and designing an effective waste treatment plant to studying the effects of acid rain on a particular area. An environmental engineer is sometimes required to work outdoors, though most of her/his work is done in a laboratory or office setting. Career opportunities for environmental engineers exist in consulting, research, corporate, and government positions.