CNU Landing Newsletter

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Crosswalk Safety Event THIS FRIDAY

Stop by the crosswalk to main campus this Friday from 8am-3pm to get a raffle ticket for crossing legally, and DONUT HOLES from Krispy Kreme! Let me know if you have any questions. This is to promote safe crossing and the magic of donuts. (I wish)

Get to Know Me so I Can Get to Know You!

I would absolutely love to grab dinner, ice cream, coffee, etc. with your houses! Please feel free to reach out to me and let me know if your house would like to do that (but no pressure). I plan on having a cookies and milk night next week and will give you details on that as soon as I have them!


Please be sure to put your trash IN the dumpster, not outside of it, and recycle all your stuff that can be!

Health and Safety Inspections

These will happen in the coming weeks! I will give you more information when I have it!

Confiscated Items

If any of your items were confiscated during fire marshal walk throughs, you can pick them up in the East Area Office (2nd floor of Tyler) between 9am-11pm each day.